Geek Shall Inherit – Action Figure Insider The Best Darn Toy News On The Web! Fri, 20 Apr 2018 18:15:55 +0000 en-US hourly 1 61893577 Geek Shall Inherit Episode 119 – Pre-Toy Fair 2015 #TFNY Thu, 12 Feb 2015 07:31:27 +0000 logoThis weekend kicks off Toy Fair 2015 so since I have an action figure website and Jason has a toy company it only makes sense that we spend a good chunk of this episode talking about toys and the toy industry.  We have quite a bit of “behind-the-scenes” toy talk in this episode so we didn’t get to cover all of the topics we wanted to cover, but if there was ever a time to talk toys it’s the week before the “big show!” I’m really excited about all of the new reveals… but not so excited about the weather.  Please… think warm thoughts for me this weekend.


In this episode we discuss:

All that and more on this new episode of the Geek Shall Inherit podcast!

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Geek Shall Inherit Episode 118 – Happy New Year! Sun, 25 Jan 2015 21:26:17 +0000 logoWe can still say “Happy New Year” to each other since it’s still January, right?  I thought so.

There’s a lot of housekeeping/catch up in this episode.  Since it’s been a few weeks between episodes and there was a holiday “break” we had a chance to see and catch up on a lot of stuff from toys to movies to television.

Plus we start ramping up our excitement for the Toy Fair 2015 reveals!

It’s our first all new episode for 2015!  Enjoy!

In this episode we discuss:


All that and more on episode 118 of the Geek Shall Inherit podcast!

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Geek Shall Inherit Episode 117 – 3rd Anniversary Super-Sized Show! Tue, 09 Dec 2014 02:05:28 +0000 logoWe can hardly believe that it’s been 3 years since we first launched the Geek Shall Inherit podcast, but the numbers… and dates don’t lie. It was 3 years ago THIS WEEK that we launched the Geek Shall Inherit podcast with episode one, and we have been talking pop culture ever since! True to form, even expanding this episode to two hours, we STILL don’t get to every topic that we wanted to cover in this episode! But we do squeeze in a LOT in these 120 minutes.

Once again there is a LOT of new topics to discuss such as a new trailer from a galaxy far, far away as well as some James Bond news… we even talk about holiday decorations!

Thank you again to all that have listened to us over the past 3 years. We really appreciate every comment, question, suggesting and follow. And THANK YOU again to our editor and my lovely bride Abby for producing and putting the episodes together week after week, month after month and year after year!


In this episode we discuss:

All that and more in a double sized anniversary episode of GSi!

Have a listen, won’t you?

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Geek Shall Inherit Episode #114 – In A New York Comic Con State of Mind Fri, 10 Oct 2014 22:43:41 +0000 logoWe are NOT at New York Comic Con this weekend… but we wish we were. At least I THINK we wish we were. There was a report published on Thursday that NYCC had surpassed SDCC in attendance. And not just by a little, by something like 20,000 people! They say there are roughly 130,000 + people allowed in the San Diego Convention center each year for SDCC now. NYCC at the Javits is said to have 150,000+ and from the reports I’m reading today… it’s still fun. It’s not the beating that SDCC has become. The Javits Center has a very different layout than SDCC and they don’t have all of Hollywood right up the road ready to caravan every possible genre project to the show, so maybe they have found the best of both worlds. It will be interesting to see the changes in both shows over the next 2-3 years. We have lots of coverage and pictures of the con, so many it will feel like you are there, right here over on AFi.


This week we discuss:

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Geek Shall Inherit Episode 113- Happy National Podcast Day!! Tue, 30 Sep 2014 15:16:47 +0000 NatlPodcastDay14Happy National Podcast Day everybody!  Thank you for listening and sharing it with us here at the Geek Shall Inherit podcast!   If you dig what we do on GSi this would be the perfect opportunity to recommend us to a friend on this national day of podcast celebration.  We love talking all things pop culture with each other and with you folks, but there’s always room for more at the table.   So check out this all new episode of the Geek Shall Inherit podcast, and then go check out some other new podcast that you have never heard before.  It’s new media and it’s here to stay!  This is a bit of a beefier episode clocking in at 90 minutes.  We hope you dig it, and thanks for listening!

Also a very special “Thank you” to listener, artist and Eisner Award winner – Art Baltazar.  He sent us the best care package full of Aw Yeah! Comics.   You should check out all the awesomeness available at!


In this episode we discuss:

All that and more in an all new episode of:


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]]> 1 108483 Geek Shall Inherit Episode 112 – How Hot Is it? Sat, 20 Sep 2014 01:35:07 +0000 logoFor all of you folks that have been asking for more toy talk on the podcast, then this is the episode for you! We talk a little bit of music, a little bit of catch up and then we dive deep in our plastic lives and talk toys. I don’t think we talk about a single move in this episode. See, we like to switch things up about every 111 episodes just to keep it all fresh!

In this episode we cover:


All that and much more in Episode 112!

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AND as a bonus if you want to hear (and/or see) Daniel talk for another hour about comic books, TV shows and toys then check out his recent appearance on the “Drinking With Comics” podcast here!

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Geek Shall Inherit Episode 111 – Going Deep Mon, 01 Sep 2014 11:49:40 +0000 logoI hope all of you US listeners are enjoying the long holiday weekend.  I know I am.  Here we are at our alliteration episode, number 111… is it still alliteration if it’s with numbers and not letters?

As we discuss in this episode we now live in a world with a 12th Doctor, and just yesterday we got word that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is now the highest grossing film of 2014. So there’s lots of great things happening in the world of geek right now and we are just the two men to talk about it.

Jason was a little under the weather in this episode in case you don’t think he’s his usual peppy self.  But there was pop culture to be discussed so he sucked it up and sat down for another brand new hour geek talk.


In this episode we discuss:

All that and much more in episode 111.

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Geek Shall Inherit Episode 110 – Comic Con-Come Down Thu, 14 Aug 2014 20:37:55 +0000 logoIf you are someone that covers comic con in the media, just because SDCC ends after 5 days doesn’t mean it’s over. I’m still slogging through getting coverage put up. ALL my photos are live right here, but I still have some videos and interviews that are coming. That also means this episode is going up about a week later than I wanted to post it. So to make it up to you this is a longer episode. A lot happened and there’s a lot of stuff to talk about from both of our experiences and all the new reveals, so this will be another 90 minute episode.

Comic Con was great (but HOT) again this year. Thank you to everyone that came up to us at the con and said you dig the show. We really appreciate that. We hope you all had a grand time too and didn’t get stuck in too many long lines. I know that can start to suck the life out of you!

We’re back now, so let’s get to it!


In this episode we cover:

Also I said I would post the video for Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”

All that a more in a all new episode!

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Geek Shall Inherit Episode 109 – Summertime for Nerds Sun, 20 Jul 2014 21:30:39 +0000 logoJuly is a magic month for geeks like us.   There’s summer movies, new toys, and San Diego Comic Con.    So much goodness is happening for pop culture fans that we never need to go outside in the sun at all.   We will be heading out to the big show this week.   You can follow my exploits on as well as the AFi Facebook page, the AFi Twitter account AND the AFi instagram account.   Jason will be lording over SDCC from the 2nd floor the EntertainmentEarth “castle” booth.


In this episode we discuss:

The return of ROM! – SDCC exclusive Mighty Mugg announced.   Could this be a test for MORE Rom merch?

Super7’s retro ReAction Alien playset.

Daniel saw the 17 minute Imax 3-D preview of  Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Both of us saw the  new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes film.

Daniel went on a movie jag and saw – 42, Enders Game, Life of Pi and Inside Llyewn Davis

Riftrax Sharknado live broadcast was brilliant!!

Jason thinks he might have tickets to see Paul McCartney at Dodger Stadium next month.

At some point we go from talking about District 9, to Planet of the Apes and then to Project X.

Brandon Routh as the Atom on Season 3 of Arrow and Robbie Amel as Firestorm in the new The Flash series on the CW.

BifBangPow is making an 8″ line based on the Hulu original animated series “the Awesomes”

New Weird Al Album “Mandatory Fun” July 15 (Right now it is ON SALE on for $6!!)

McFarlanes new Walking Dead construction sets

All that and more in episode 109!

You can listen too it here or on iTunes.

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Geek Shall Inherit Episode 108 – The Rocket’s Red Glare Sat, 12 Jul 2014 01:51:17 +0000 logoEveryone relax. We’re OK. While it may SOUND like we were taking heavy fire in the middle of a war zone, that’s just life in Los Angeles. I can assure you that no hosts were harmed during this recording. It is common in the greater LA area that teens and punk kids set off fire works in the middle of the street all day an all night starting around June 30th and lasting until July 10th. Now you will also get to experience that while you listen to this episode.

But we are able to mostly ignore all that as once the calendar hits the 7th month of the year our hearts and minds turn to Comic Con preparation. There is an avalanche of great geek stuff to be exited about and every week we are only able to burn through a handful topics because we love this stuff so much… and summer time and “the big show” really is an embarrassment of riches for us.


In this episode we discuss:

Daniel met old school VFX wizard Tom St. Amand.

Monty Python last ever live shows this week.

Star Wars episode VIII and IX announced.

Daniel Saw “Chef” and loved it. Highly recommend.

Guardians of the Galaxy 17 min preview July 7th

“Clark Kent” set tease from SvB. New Superman picture released today.

Criterion ‘A Hard Days Night’ BluRay DVD release

AUDITION finally getting a US remake

Doctor Who – August 23rd/ Peter Capaldi on set DW pics, it’s U.N.I.T. Era Pertwee all over again!

Vincent D cast as Kingpin in Marvel’s Daredevil also Foggy Nelson cast, and Rosario Dawson

Super7/Funko ReAction SDCC exclusives

Target has GoG toys now/ Hasbro’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY toy line

The Mattel SDCC Batmobile exclusive is pretty awesome.

Jason snagged one more of the WATCHMEN movie premiums for his collection.

Jason is going to his first KISS concert next week!

All that and much more!

You can listen to the new episode here or on iTunes.  But the important thing is that you listen!

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Geek Shall Inherit Episode 107 – Jason’s Favorite Episode Wed, 25 Jun 2014 06:04:34 +0000 logoYou are joining us at a very special time.   This happens to be Jason’s favorite episode.   What makes this 107th installment his favorite?   You are just going to have to listen and find out!

Ah Summer!   It’s a great time to be a geek.  Summer Movies!  Summer Conventions!  Summer Fashions…. wait?  Fashions?  That’s not nerdy… unlesss…  It’s time to put together your Summer reading list and hit the beach!   But make sure you bring your iPods, your laptops and your Zunes so you can still listen to the podcast!


In this episode we discuss:


All that and much more!’

You can listen to this episode here or on iTunes.

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Geek Shall Inherit Episode 106 – Lobot’s Big Break Tue, 17 Jun 2014 19:29:26 +0000 logo Summer is almost upon us and Comic Con 2014 is just around the corner! I feel the pressure of the con SCREAMING towards me! I’ve got so much I still need to do before the con hit that I really shouldn’t even be here typing this now.

One quick disclaimer – In this episode I mention a letter that surfaced last week from Stanley Kubrick to a studio attempting to make a sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s a fun story, but it’s been proven that the letter is a lie and complete rubbish. Personally I’m shocked and I’m starting to think I can’t believe everything I read on the internet. I hope that day never comes for me.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Monty Python 9 CD box set, ‘Total Rubbish’ end of June UK only
  • Star Wars set leaks, JJ Abrams’ response on Twitter.
  • We LOVE they are using unused McQuarrie concepts for Episode VII.
  • Josh Trank to direct SW stand alone.
  • Ant-Man – Payton Reed direct/Adam McKay to re-write
  • Josh Brolin as Thanos
  • Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hardy for Dr. Strange??
  • Hamill and Mickey SW publicity shot
  • ‘Chaning Tatum Gambit movie
  • SW Blu-Ray original trilogy release might be happening non-Special Edition
  • Force of Change – You can be in Episode VII – SW 7 JJ Abrams footage with that goofy creature!
  • DW Adventure in Space and Time on DVD
  • Grabbed the Criterion ‘Fantastic Mt. Fox’ DVD set. Is Funko still doing some figures?
  • The Flash TV trailer
  • New seasons of Derek and Orange is the New Black
  • New ‘Daredevil’ actor chosen
  • 4″ Mattel Keaton Batman, Penguin and Zod are out in stores.
  • ReAction Rocketeer released
  • Mattel has the Goldfinger car as a SDCC Hot Wheel
  • Michael Bay Turtles figures leaking out
  • Skelton Warriors Kickstarter
  • New DC Comics Batman 66 series by Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith is really good.

All that and much more in the next 90 minutes of Geek Speak we like to call a podcast.

You can listen here or on iTunes!


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