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by Daniel Pickett
July 30, 2015
Last year, Gen Con saw the launch of the Pathfinder Minimates line, with a series of exclusive mini-figure two-packs and a veritable horde of exclusive Goblins based on the popular role-playing game from Paizo. This year, the spectre of Pathfinder Minimates has risen again, with an all-new Goblin Minimate available for the first time at…


by Daniel Pickett
July 29, 2015
The gang at Warpo Toys posted some pictures of an EPIC Cthulhu costume they are taking to Gen Con 2015 today over on their Facebook page.   How would you like to run into THIS on the con floor?!?   The end is near… ‪#‎CthulhuIsComing‬ …But is Gen Con ready for it?


by Daniel Pickett
July 22, 2015
Slew of Activities includes All-Star Cthulhu Summit with Live Séance for the Ghost of H.P. Lovecraft, Cthulhu Costumed Character, Prizes and More! CHICAGO, IL (July 22, 2015): Last year, Team Warpo attended Gen Con having just completed their successful Kickstarter to create the retro action figure line, Legends of Cthulhu, which has now become truly…


by Daniel Pickett
November 24, 2008
That’s what it looks like.  I had this link emailed to me today. Check it out and see if you have the extra scratch laying around to pick up the tab of the biggest gaming convention out there. You better hurry, it looks like there might already be an offer pending. Gen Con For Sale….


by Daniel Pickett
August 28, 2007
August 28, 2007 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc. hosted the first-ever HeroClix® World Championship at Gen Con Indianapolis 2007.  In celebration of the fifth anniversary of HeroClix, international distributors around the world offered regional Nationals programs.  The United States was represented by Wizard World Invitational Winner Scott Crampton as well as over 100 players who entered…