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by Daniel Pickett
October 9, 2014
ReAction Figures: Alien Series 2 In 2013, Funko and Super 7 partnered to launch the first ReAction Figures Series, Alien. We are excited to bring you a second series for the line that started it all! This time around we’ve put a new spin on the classic characters! Kane looks like he’s seen better days……


by Daniel Pickett
July 21, 2014
It’s announcement #9! Our FINAL Comic Con Exclusive announcement! Now what you’ve all been waiting for!  Looks like Vincent has gotten himself in a little trouble! His partner in crime, Jules, isn’t looking too innocent either! This Huckleberry Hound Pop! is so cute, it’ll get you singing “Oh My Darling, Clementine” in no time!  This…


by Daniel Pickett
July 2, 2014
It’s Funko’s fourth SDCC announcement! These purple Minions are despicably adorable!      BMO is camera! and now he glows! Your favorite Adventure Time characters are back and better than ever! They glow in the dark!   I doubt you’ve all forgotten… We are giving away one of EVERY EXCLUSIVE! Each giveaway will run for…


by Daniel Pickett
March 25, 2014
  From Quintin Tarantino’s classic film Pulp Fiction, we bring you all of your favorite characters! We even have Quintin Tarantino himself as Jimmie… With his seriously GOURMET coffee! Who knew a couple of hitmen could be so cute? We did, of course! Now… Do YOU know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese…