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by Daniel Pickett
December 18, 2014
4HMLogo4 The Four Horsemen just posted this update about the shipping of their GOTHITROPOLIS: RAVENS Kickstarter figures:   OVER 1,000 GOTHITROPOLIS: RAVENS ORDERS SHIPPED!! We’ve now shipped over 1,000 Gothitropolis: Ravens Kickstarter orders out and we should have all domestic Kickstarter orders out the door by the end of the day today. It’s taken a day…


by Jeff Cope
December 16, 2014
afi_ah15_cards This past summer Bill Murphy of Fresh Monkey Fiction launched a Kickstarter to bring his Amazing Heroes action figure line to plastic life. Amazing Heroes is focused on the somewhat forgotten heroes of the Golden Age of Comics such as the original Dare-devil, Stardust the Super Wizard, the Black Terror and others, including Captain Action….


by Daniel Pickett
December 10, 2014
4HMRavensShipping2 This official update from the Four Horsemen about their Gothitropolis Ravens Action Figure Kickstarter was posted today on their social media pages: We shipped out 200 Gothitropolis: Ravens Kickstarter orders yesterday via FedEx SmartPost, and we should be able to ship out another 300 or so orders today. We’re expecting to have all of the Kickstarter…


by Daniel Pickett
December 2, 2014
Author Philip Reed sent us the information on his current action figure book that is wrapping up on Kickstarter in a little over a week. Philip describes the project as “Scattered thoughts on the action figure marketing of the eighties.”  His new book   Each Sold Separately, Action Figure Marketing of the 80s  is a 48-page…


by Daniel Pickett
November 29, 2014
The gang at Mad Geek Collectibles reached out to us with information on their cool Kickstarter campaign to create a 1:10th Scale Mini Flux Capacitor.    They have put a ton of detail in ton of attention to detail in this and the fact that it lights up with 2 difference functions just makes it all…


by Daniel Pickett
November 25, 2014
AHMadmanAmazingHeroesFigure Mike Allred’s Madman figure has been unlocked early in celebration of the new comic book release.   Los Angeles, CA (November 25, 2014)—To celebrate the November 26th release of Michael Allred’s Madman In Your Face 3D Special, the Amazing Heroes Wave 1.5 Kickstarter by Fresh Monkey Fiction has now unlocked the exclusive Madman 4.5” action figure for a $25 pledge. Also available is…


by Daniel Pickett
November 21, 2014
A new kickstarter campaign launched today started by my friend and former Mattel and Spin Master brand manager Jim Murphy called the INVICTA CHALLENGE.  Several of the rewards and stretch goals feature action figures designed and sculpted by the Four Horsemen Design Studio.   Check out all the details about the campaign below:   INVICTA Challenge…


by Daniel Pickett
November 17, 2014
FreshMonkAmazHeroes15banner Amazing Heroes Wave 1.5 launches on Kickstarter with help from Erik Larsen,Tim Seeley, Michael Allred, Gene Yang and more…. Los Angeles, CA. (November 18, 2014)  – Amazing Heroes, the retro superhero action figure line successfully funded by Fresh Monkey Fiction, announces a secondary Kickstarter campaign to raise money for original stretch goal figures Silver Streak and Champion of Mars—with an…


by Daniel Pickett
October 20, 2014
VideoGamesLiveLogo THE POPULAR SYMPHONIC WORLD TOURING SHOW ‘VIDEO GAMES LIVE’ LAUNCHES 2ND KICKSTARTER TO FUND 4TH ALBUM! Album to Included New Symphonic Arrangements from Donkey Kong Country, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VI, Metal Gear Solid 3, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, League of Legends, Earthworm Jim, BioShock, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Resident Evil, Cave…


by Daniel Pickett
October 16, 2014
EonQuestLogo Series 1 of the 5.5’’ action figures comes to the popular crowdfunding site. OCTOBER 15, 2014 (Champaign, IL): A new era for the 5.5’’ action figure is poised to begin, with the help of fans worldwide. Since the announcement of impending Kickstarter launch of Eon Quest, the reaction from collectors worldwide has been incredibly enthusiastic….


by Daniel Pickett
October 5, 2014
EonQuest_key_art The 5.5’’ action figure format gets a bold new re-imagining for a new era. OCTOBER 6, 2014 (Champaign, IL): The Cosmic Warriors of the Ninth Galaxy are here! An exciting new line of collectible 5.5’’ action figures is about to be launched on Kickstarter starting October 15, 2014! Paying homage to some of the most…


by Daniel Pickett
September 17, 2014
4HMGothRavens2 This just in from the Four Horsemen:   We put the Gothitropolis: Ravens up for pre-order on Monday, and even though they’re selling rapidly there are still some in stock on Store Horsemen right now if you haven’t pre-ordered yours yet! Not only can you choose from 13 different variants of the original Black Raven…