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by Daniel Pickett
September 22, 2015
WGMLDaredevil2 If you don’t want to spend your time driving from store to store looking for the recently released Marvel Legends Daredevil exclusive figure, then the good people at Walgreens have made it even easier for you by putting the figure up on their official site. This is NOT a pre-order, these figures are in stock…


by Daniel Pickett
September 9, 2015
Walgreens_Vader Pkg On Friday night just before Force Friday started on the East Coast, Hasbro sent out a press release of their Star Wars The Force Awakens retailer exclusive tie-ins. We are going to take a closer look at these exclusives now that they have released images of them.   Next up is Walgreens putting out their…


by Daniel Pickett
July 21, 2015
MLAntmanWalgSDCC15 Despite the sign announcing this figure at the Hasbro booth at SDCC saying it would ship in September 2015, Walgreens stores across the US are currently getting the Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends Ant-Man action figure.  So far I have seen reports from Illinois to California of friends finding the figure in stores.  I found one…


by Daniel Pickett
July 9, 2015
HasSDCC15DrStrangeBox5 Action Figure Insider brings you an early look at the San Diego Comic Con Hasbro Marvel Legends exclusive action figure 5-pack.


by Daniel Pickett
July 6, 2015
MLSDCC2015FanPoll2 They gang over at Marvel.com just announced the newest Marvel Legends fan poll that will be happening this week at SDCC.  Attendees to the show can vote for their favorite character from this all new line up of possibilities.  See the details below and head over to Marvel.com to see the images of all the…


by Daniel Pickett
June 4, 2015
HasSDCC15DrStrangeBox2 At LONG LAST Hasbro has revealed their Marvel Legends SDCC 2015 exclusive set.   Hasbro typically reveals their SDCC sets back in February at Toy Fair, but this year it was “radio silence” when it came to convention exclusives.   It now appears that the reason they waited was to make the announcements via main…


by Daniel Pickett
June 2, 2015
3 NEW WAVES OF MARVEL LEGENDS We’ve got three news waves up: Ant-Man Marvel Legends with Ultron BAF, Spider-Man Infinite Legends with Rhino BAF, and Avengers Infinite Legends with Hulkbuster BAF. Choose from the sets, cases or singles! 1/6 SCALE ALASTOR “MAD-EYE” MOODY This figure has a fully realized authentic likeness of Mad-Eye Moody from…


by Daniel Pickett
May 12, 2015
EEGOGBox7 Today we get to reveal the packaging for one of the hotest exclusives of the year – the Entertainment Earth  Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Edition Marvel Legends Action Figure Box Set! This boxed set featuring the comic book versions of this beloved Marvel team has been selling like gangbusters already!   Make sure you…


by Daniel Pickett
April 25, 2015
ScreenHunter_571 Apr. 25 12.08 Our old friend Kyle Roberts is back with an all new stop motion short that he sent over to us: Kyle Roberts and Nathan Poppe are Groot. They are also stop motion filmmakers with a serious love for “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the Marvel Universe. The above video is the duo’s fourth animated collaboration….


by Daniel Pickett
April 24, 2015
EEGoGBoxedSet Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Your favorite heroes from Guardians of the Galaxy are here in 6-inch scale, with fantastic accessories and more firepower than you can shake a stick at! Bring home the exclusive of the year with this Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Edition Marvel Legends Action Figure Box Set from Hasbro that includes 5…


by Daniel Pickett
March 3, 2015
BBTSLogo NEW AND RESTOCK BANDAI We have 18 new and restock pre-order listings from Bandai. This menu includes figures like S.H. Figuarts Super Sailor Moon for $37.99 and Sea Dragon Kanon from Saint Cloth Myth EX for $87.99. We also have listings for lines such as Digimon, Ultraman, Soul of Chogokin, and Attack on Titan, Gundam,…


by Daniel Pickett
November 20, 2014
You probably noticed that there was a bit of a gap between episodes, but if you are at all internet savvy you will have found both Jason… and I talking about pop culture stuff on a couple of other podcasts.  Hopefully that helped you get some of your GSi “fix” in between episodes. There’s been…


by Daniel Pickett
November 10, 2014
Hasbro has released new images of their upcoming Avenger’s themed Marvel Legends wave.   This wave, which will be hitting soon features and Odin AND an alternate King Thor (head and axe) build-a-figure when you collect all 7 figures.   All figures in this wave have a build-a-figure part included.  


by Daniel Pickett
November 5, 2014
ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 05 08.31 Gifts that harken back to times past and make adults remember the little kid that’s still inside are lining the shelves at Target stores and Target.com this season thanks to a new, exclusive Limited Time Only toy collection.   Target’s Limited Time Only collection of 12 toys will be a hit with kids and collectors,…


by Daniel Pickett
October 24, 2014
Sorry this episode is a little later than expected. I’ve been a bit busy trying to rally 40,000 collectors to make their voice heard by Toys R Us over this Breaking Dad toy controversy. It’s taken up a lot of my week, but it’s been well worth it as we have quadruple the signatures that…


by Daniel Pickett
September 30, 2014
Happy National Podcast Day everybody!  Thank you for listening and sharing it with us here at the Geek Shall Inherit podcast!   If you dig what we do on GSi this would be the perfect opportunity to recommend us to a friend on this national day of podcast celebration.  We love talking all things pop culture with…


by Daniel Pickett
September 11, 2014
Take a seat, it’s time for Doc Samson’s Super Catchphrase Workshop! Wonder Man, Howard the Duck, Spider-Ham, and more attempt to liven up their characters–and don’t miss a special post credits cameo from one of this summer’s biggest stars!  


by Daniel Pickett
September 1, 2014
I hope all of you US listeners are enjoying the long holiday weekend.  I know I am.  Here we are at our alliteration episode, number 111… is it still alliteration if it’s with numbers and not letters? As we discuss in this episode we now live in a world with a 12th Doctor, and just…


by Daniel Pickett
June 23, 2014
Hasbro Legends Infinite 6-inch Agent Venom Great news from Hasbro today on the release on one of the “lost” Marvel Legends figures.   The rumors were already circulating that it would be a Walgreens exclusive.  the ability to pre-order at SDCC is a new bit of information. Here’s the official confirmation sent out today by Hasbro:   We are excited to confirm…


by Daniel Pickett
May 22, 2014
Hasbro-ML-GalactusEngine1 USA Today just blew the lid off of Hasbro’s Marvel San Diego Comic Con 2014 exclusive sets.   There will be 6″ Marvel Legends set and a 3.75″ Marvel Universe set –     Priced at $99.99, a set of Marvel Legends Infinite Series 6-inch figures is based on the Marvel story line “The Thanos Imperative”…