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by Daniel Pickett
January 10, 2019
The iconic Shoguns have roared back with Super7 as 3.75-inch ReAction Figures and… SURPRISE… 1.75″ MUSCLE 3-Packs! Shoguns! The latest additions to the Super7 ReAction Figures assortment blasts out of your retro childhood in 3.75″-inch greatness! Join them now… again… for the first time.  Available here: https://super7.com/collections/shoguns   The latest additions to the Super7 1.75-inch…


by Daniel Pickett
May 21, 2015
POP! ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK The Netflix series features Piper Chapman, the suburbanite who’s plucked from her comfortable lifestyle and sent to jail when her romantic connection to an international drug smuggler named Alex Vause surfaces in a major trial! During her time in Litchfield Penitentiary, Piper learns not to cross other inmates, like…