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by Daniel Pickett
January 4, 2019
70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Ages 16+. 3,178 pieces US $299.99 – CA $399.99 – DE €299.99 – UK £279.99 – FR €299.99 – DK 2,499DKK *Euro pricing varies by country.  Please visit shop.LEGO.com for regional pricing. Enjoy an epic 360-degree play experience—and prepare for an alien invasion—with THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg!…


by Daniel Pickett
July 12, 2018
In addition to the mini-sets that Lego is offering as SDCC exclusives, they will be going the give-aways of individual exclusive Minifigures:   The LEGO Movie 2 Apocalypseburg Unikitty minifigure:   LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Sheriff Deadpool™ minifigure: LEGO DC Super Heroes Black Lightning™ minifigure: Today is the final day for folks to enter to…


by Daniel Pickett
April 10, 2018
assortment of LEGO® Star Wars™ building sets inspired by the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story — all of which are on sale beginning April 13th! The lineup includes five construction sets (including new characters, minifigures, and vehicles making their first appearance in LEGO form), two buildable figures, and two BrickHeadz.   LEGO® Star Wars™…


by AFi Admin
January 4, 2018
This might be my favorite #lego set ever! Wonder Dog and El Dorado are some deep cuts for #minifigures @legobatmanmovie Follow AFi on Instagram


by Daniel Pickett
May 18, 2017
Experience the Mountain Cave!   Build and experience the Mountain Cave, featuring an amazing minecart track with an integrated redstone‑powered minecart elevator, and an array of other features and functions, including TNT blasting, rotating spider‑spawner, charged Creeper™ explosion and a lava burst. Position the light brick to illuminate the rotating spider-spawner, wall of redstone, jack…


by Daniel Pickett
November 23, 2016
Lego has moved into the world of licensed figures as part of their blind bagged minfigures waves.  In the past we have gotten waves based on the Simpsons and Disney characters.  Today they announced the much rumored wave of The Lego Batman Movie minfigures and it contains some great bat-variants, supporting characters and some of…


by Daniel Pickett
October 17, 2016
In celebration of 10 years of LEGO Modular Building, the LEGO Group is launching a brand new Assembly Square in January with a wealth of intricate details, hidden surprises and easy-to-remove building sections! The newest addition to the modular building collection features a bakery, florist’s shop and café, music store, photo studio, dental office, dance…


by Daniel Pickett
August 13, 2016
This week the Lego team revealed a brand new LEGO Winter Holiday Train, launching this October just in time for Holiday gift-buying! The charming model features a full circle track with 16 pieces, boarding platform with bench and lamppost, the ability to add power functions to make the train move, flatbed wagon with rotating holiday…


by Daniel Pickett
July 11, 2016
When you wish upon a star… you get one of the most incredible Lego sets in recent memory.    Getting the Disney wave of mini figures this year was a real treat for both Disney and Lego fans, now these two powerhouse companies are kicking things up about a dozen more notches to bring fans a…


by Daniel Pickett
April 14, 2016
  Build and protect The Village!   Join forces with Alex at the busy Minecraft™ village, including a variety of biomes plus a watchtower, library, blacksmith, butcher and marketplace. Enjoy hands-on Minecraft adventures featuring your favorite characters and objects with this LEGO® Minecraft set—designed for young fans of the highly successful sandbox video game. Includes…


by Daniel Pickett
March 29, 2016
It’s been heavily rumored for months and months, and we’ve seen some leaked image, but today Lego and Disney officially announced their upcoming partnership with a new wave of Disney/Pixar themed blind-bagged Minifigures!   We’re excited to announce new LEGO Minifigures The Disney Series! Available starting May 2016!


by Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer
January 6, 2016
Lego sent out a newsletter with some info on their January events they will hosting at local Lego stores.  Of particular interest to me is the Minifigure Swap so I can get rid of some of my doubles that I have pulled and can trade them for some figures I need. Check with your local…


by Daniel Pickett
November 11, 2015
Get ready to bust some ghosts at the Firehouse Headquarters!   Recreate iconic Ghostbusters™ scenes with the 2-story Firehouse Headquarters, featuring laboratory, living quarters, containment unit and much more. Capture the ghosts with the proton packs and restore order, or solve other supernatural cases! Includes 9 minifigures: Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore,…


by Daniel Pickett
September 24, 2015
Mass Effect TITANS: The Normandy Collection Titan Merchandise and Bioware are pleased to announce Mass Effect TITANS: The Normandy Collection! Featuring Commander Shepard in classic N7 Armour, as well as many of the colourful cast of aliens, humans and cyborgs met in the game! Including Krogan Battlemaster Wrex, assassin Thane, Turian Agent Garrus, Asari Liara – even…


by Daniel Pickett
June 3, 2015
BAZINGA!! As announced back in November of 2014, the Lego Ideas Big Bang Theory set is coming in 2015!   Today we get our first official look at the set and the Minifigures of the actual set!  This set is based on the long running, hit comedy on CBS and features Minifigures of all seven of…


by Daniel Pickett
May 13, 2015
Celebrate the world’s favourite space-and-time-traveling adventurer with this set of Doctor Who TITANS based on the 9th Doctor’s season  – a multiverse of figures to collect! Featuring the 9th Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston, with companions Rose ‘Bad Wolf’ Tyler and the charming Captain Jack Harkness as well as such villains as the nefarious…