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by Daniel Pickett
December 7, 2017
Pop! Games: Monster Hunters The fantasy-themed action role-playing game Monster Hunter is now joining Pop! As you follow your quest to trap and defeat monsters, add some of your favorite Monster Hunter Pop! to your collection this winter. This series features the fanged wyvern Zinogre – the Thunder Wolf Wyvern, Rathalos, the King of the…


by Daniel Pickett
March 11, 2016
LOS ANGELES, Calif., (March 10th, 2016) – Leading toy manufacturer Multiverse Studio Inc. today announced the availability of new Capcom licensed products at their online retail store. From Street Fighter® Gloves to Monster Hunter® Meat Pillows, Multiverse has made Capcom products available for purchase by retail customers. All products in the Multiverse store are proudly manufactured by Multiverse Studio, and they…