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by Daniel Pickett
August 28, 2013
ScreenHunter_103 Aug. 28 12.03 LOS ANGELES, Calif., (AUG  28th, 2013) – Leading toy manufacturer Multiverse Studio Inc. today announced partnership with Angry Little Girls! to offer a 7-inch plush of the sassy titular protagonist Kim from the syndicated comic strip and popular book series. Angry Little Girls! by Lela Lee — currently a syndicated comic strip by Universal Syndicate on Go…


by Daniel Pickett
October 9, 2012
Add a little PEW! PEW! into your life LOS ANGELES, Calif., (Oct 9, 2012) – Leading toy manufacturer Multiverse Studio Inc. today announced the latest wave of Bobble Budds® figures featuring the classic videogame franchise Mega Man® is now available. The Blue Bomber hits select online retailers with a crew of super deformed Robot Masters foes. Fans of…