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by Daniel Pickett
September 12, 2013
Photo Credit: Richard Ford New York- Triskaidekaphobics rejoice! Mezco has just made Friday the 13th less frightening, with their Friday The 13th Lucky Mystery Box. Each $13 box will contain:   A mystery Mez-Itz 6inch figure A mystery glow in the dark figure A mystery plush figure   Plus, as a special surprise, each 13th lucky customer will receive…


by Daniel Pickett
January 21, 2013
ScreenHunter_69-Jan.-21-22.07-500x505.jpg We love a mystery … and we hate a mystery.  That’s why we are so confounded trying to figure out what David Vonner’s new project might be.   We are assuming it’s part of Kasual Friday… but we don’t know that for sure.  All we know is that he’s being VERY cryptic about it… but still…