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Toy Fans,

The Mattypalooza panel with Toy Guru and special guest Stan Lee himself just wrapped up! MOTUC fans got a look at three awesome reveals, and now it’s your turn to see these great toys that are coming your way…


Masters of the Universe® Classics Flutterina™

The owner of the mysterious sword seen at NYCC has been revealed! The first Flutterina™ since 1985, this Princess of Power® is scheduled for August 2014 as part of Club Eternia®. She features giant articulated fairy wings, perfect for soaring straight into danger!

Masters of the Universe® Classics Skeletor®

More wreck and ruin come your way in 2014 with this third quarterly item in Club Eternia®. The newest variant of the Evil Lord of Destruction™ features an amazing sculpt from The Four Horsemen, and comes with a removable power staff and a fan-demanded battle damaged Faker® head for your existing Faker® figure.

Now you’ve seen what we revealed at the panel!

Wrap Up Bonus Reveal

We’ve got late breaking news from Sunday! Fans were swept up in the excitement of this MOTUC accessory, which magically appeared along with a small visitor from Etheria.


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Mattel’s Comikaze 2013 MOTUC Reveals Sun, 03 Nov 2013 19:05:49 +0000 Yesterday Comikaze 2013 kicked off with with Mattel Mattypalooza panel and with it, two new Masters of the Universe Classics reveals.   Announced this weekend were Flutterina, receiving her first toy since 1985 and Intergalactic Skeletor (who is also “New Adventures of He-Man” Skeletor, but apparently there was a rights issue with using the words “New Adventures”).

Intergalactic Skeletor comes with his havoc staff and an alternate battle-damaged Faker head.   The Faker head was still in prototype form at the show so it didn’t sit properly on the neck peg of the figure.

Flutterina comes with her wings (which are articulated at the connection point) her sword and shield.   The Flutterina figure at the show was also a prototype so her head was not connected properly and sat high on the figure and she was not able to hold he sword.

The other new item shown was the promotional cross sell poster that will come with Castle Grayskull ONLY to fans that pre-ordered a Castle in the original order window.  It will NOT come with castles ordered on the “Day of” sale date.    The poster shown was not quite final.   There will still be a handful of tweaks to it.   The interesting thing to note about the poster is that the figures are in the poster in chronological order according to the storyline in the bios.   It starts with Standor and ends with The Mighty Spector.

We will have the rest of our Comikaze 2013 galleries up soon in the “GALLERY” section of AFi.

]]> 1 92879 5/15 EA Update: Stinkor® In, Evil-Lyn® Out New Sprit of Hordak™ Chase Figure Announced Mon, 13 May 2013 22:20:21 +0000 Today Mattel posted an update on the May sale, Early Access sale and the next opportunity you have to capture the elusive “Spirit of Hordak” figure in the news section of

Toy Fans,

We’ve got important updates to Early Access for May, including the announcement of our new Spirit of Hordak™ figure! Read on for everything you need to know…

First up, Evil-Lyn® has completely sold out and is now “gone for good.” Never fear, though, Stinkor® is joining Slush Head® in Early Access to ensure the Eternian villain population remains well represented.

Second, did you hear about our new “chase” figure? Toy collecting is all about the thrill of the hunt and with that in mind, we just released the first ever MOTUC chase figure, Spirit of Hordak™! He’ll appear unannounced in our Shop throughout the year so everyone will have a chance to find him. And if you’re a subscriber, we’ll have a small amount available during Early Access starting 5/14 at 8 a.m. PT. He’s subject to sellout during Early Access (purchase limit has been reduced to four per subscriber) and won’t be available to the public on 5/15, but watch for his logo in the Shop – you never know when he’ll sneak back in.

So with Spirit of Hordak™ and Stinkor® in for Early Access and Evil-Lyn® out, here’s the updated product availability for May:

May Early Access

  • Starts Tues 5/14 at 8am PT and ends Weds 5/15 at 8am PT (subscribers only)
  • Products Available: Spirit of Hordak™, Stinkor®, Slush Head® (subject to Early Access sellout)

May 15th Monthly Sale

Again, please note that Spirit of Hordak™ will not be available to the public on May 15 but keep an eye out because he will definitely be back in our Shop!