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by Daniel Pickett
August 18, 2015
My pals over at SpyMonkey Creations just sent over the details on their new Weaponeers of Monka, groovy 80’s Glyos drop and sale.  Check out the details below and when you order let them know AFi sent you!   Here are the full details with photos of our upcoming release of the newest Weaponeers of…


by Daniel Pickett
June 2, 2014
October Toys is excited to announce the launch of their latest project – Skeleton Warriors!   These new, Glyos compatible action figures were designed with collectors in mind while drawing inspiration from both the 90’s Skeleton Warriors cartoon characters as well as original concept art provided by the awesome team at Goddard Film Group, LLC….


by Daniel Pickett
June 6, 2013
In June 2013, prepare for the return of one of the forgotten toy lines of the 1980s – THE MORDLES! In 1985, the classic Ideal property ROCKS AND BUGS AND THINGS detailed the never-ending battle between creatures disguised as rocks and bugs, while exploring their need to consume the mischievous Mordles – their only food…


by Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
January 20, 2012
Over the past week, the mighty Four Horsemen have been showing off the new extremely limited Cosmic Creators Series – The Birnkrant Edition Outer Space Men figures for the Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro gallery show on February 10 in NYC. Deep Blue Astro-Nautilus, Metalmorpho, Goldiac, Blazing Inferno will be available beginning February 10th exclusively at the Four…


by Daniel Pickett
September 22, 2010
This past week over on their new website, the Four Horsemen have been giving fans their first look at the new packaging for their highly anticipated Outer Space Men line. Shown below is the card-back (front side & rear side) for the regular edition version of the Outer Space Menfigure Astro-Nautilus: The Man from Neptune! Even though…


by Daniel Pickett
June 19, 2010
 The first test shots for the Outer Space Men action figures have arrived at Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios, and the boys spent most of Thursday testing, reviewing and playing with the new arrivals.  Part of the playtime included testing the "pop and build" play system created by Onell Design owner, Matt Doughty which the…