Tag: Pirate Raiders


by Daniel Pickett
November 17, 2012
The story continues as the undead pirate Captain Charles Vanes continues his vendetta against his traitorous ex-crewmate, Calico Jack.  


by Daniel Pickett
July 23, 2012
The world of Minimates is growing by leaps and bounds every day — in fact, with all of the new properties getting Minimated, it’s gotten positively huge! Luckily, now there are more ways to get around that giant universe than ever! The Toys “R” Us-exclusive Knight Rider KITT Minimate vehicle just recently hit stores, and…


by Daniel Pickett
June 24, 2012
The latest issue of Diamond Comics’ Previews catalog has been sent out to comic book shops, and it has a full range of products available for pre-order from Diamond Select Toys! Seriously, there’s something for everybody! Gamers, check out our Street FIghter X Tekken toys! Comic lovers, peruse our Marvel and Walking Dead offerings! Sci-Fi…


by Daniel Pickett
June 7, 2012
This was originally intended to be part of our week long 7th anniversary celebration, but it took a bit longer to cut together than anticipated, but we are still celebrating, so it’s still relevant.   It’s our 7th anniversary, but it’s Minimate’s TEN YEAR anniversary!   I personally am a huge fan of Minimates and have…


by Daniel Pickett
January 10, 2012
DSTMMPiratesA3-150x150.jpg With Minimates Vehicles Series 3 scheduled to sail into comic shops and specialty stores this week, we thought we’d take the two new Pirate Raiders ships out to get some photos of them in action! Robert Deal’s ship The Vendetta comes festooned in red and black, with plenty of skulls, and she comes with an…


by Daniel Pickett
June 2, 2011
Diamond Select Toys at San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Minimates and Femme Fatales Exclusives Revealed! Diamond Select Toys is proud to announce the exclusive products they will be offering for sale at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, July 21-24, 2011. With an emphasis on DST’s popular Minimates brand of mini-figures and Femme Fatales line…


by Daniel Pickett
May 17, 2011
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water! 300 years ago, real-life pirate Captain John Rackham — called "Calico Jack" — ruled the seas, preying on ships all over the Caribbean. Today, he lives again, in the newest Minimates MAX toy line from Diamond Select Toys! Available exclusively at Toys…


by Daniel Pickett
May 12, 2011
As we have seen over the past year the folks at DST have expanded their MiniMates line out of all licenesed properties like Marvel and Ghostbusters and into new original properties like their M.A.X. line and now their Pirate Raiders line.  We saw some production samples of this line at DST’s booth at Toy Fair…