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by Daniel Pickett
April 9, 2018
Master sculptor Tim Bruckner has put together an online slideshow/portfolio that shows off over 2 decades of his work.   Tim’s slideshow includes many of his works both professional and personal from a variety of different companies including: Toy Biz, DC Direct/DC Collectibles, Sideshow and more. I’ve always been a huge fan of Tim’s work.   I…


by Daniel Pickett
February 27, 2017
HAKE’S AMERICANA PRESENTS: THE TIM BRUCKNER ARCHIVES COLLECTION Tim Bruckner’s earliest memory of sculpting was when he was seven. He sculpted little heads of the Seven Dwarves out of wax candy tubes. From the very beginning, he was a wax sculptor. He started working professionally at the age of eighteen as a jeweler’s apprentice/wax carver….


by Daniel Pickett
February 4, 2016
I’ve been friends with master sculptor Tim Bruckner for over 10 years and a fan of his work for even longer.  I had the great privilege to sit down with him last week and do an exclusive in depth interview with him as he is looking at semi-retiring from sculpting, putting together a career retrospective…


by Daniel Pickett
December 22, 2015
“Well Played” is a revealing look into the heart and mind of one of the country’s most celebrated commercial artists. Fans of toys and collectibles have been amazed by the work of sculptor Tim Bruckner for decades, losing themselves in the refined details of his action figures, the compositional mastery of his statues, and the…


by Daniel Pickett
June 3, 2015
The name Clayburn Moore is well-known in toy and statue collector circles, and rightfully so. As a sculptor, his mastery of the human form is evident in every piece he creates, and as the founder of his own company, he oversaw the release of numerous toys and statues beloved by collectors. After a long freelance…