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by Daniel Pickett
February 12, 2015
FunkoReActionTOSTrek1 Funko posted a pre-Toy Fair picture of some of their Classic Star Trek ReAction action figures today on their Facebook page.   This looks to be just a sampling as the picture does not contain Captain Kirk, so it’s not that much of a leap of faith to assume we will see more of the line…


by Daniel Pickett
March 12, 2013
On April 23, STAR TREK® The Video Game reunites the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise for an amazing, completely new Star Trek adventure – and alongside Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov and Sulu will be two new characters making their first appearances in the Star Trek universe As the game begins, Kirk and Spock are called to aid in the rescue of a mysterious…


by Daniel Pickett
April 14, 2008
Today Diamond Select Toys is ready to reveal that the astonishing seventh series of classic Star Trek retro figures will feature the never-before-released Mr. Sulu and the ferocious alien Gorn!  These latest additions to the Star Trek retro cloth figure line deliver the final “missing” member of the U.S.S. Enterprise crew as well as a…