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by Daniel Pickett
November 11, 2016
hakesbrucknerarchivebanner1 The other day Hake’s Americana auction house launched an incredible set of auctions that should make every action figure fan salivate.  Hake’s is know for having a long history of auctioning off some stunning one-of-a-kind items, and the new collection is no exception.  In their most recent auction they have listed the first lots from…


by Daniel Pickett
May 8, 2016
BrucknerToyBizHeads1 Our old friend Tim Bruckner has been doing some Spring cleaning at the Art Farm and has dug up all (we think) of the Master Wax Head Sculpts of the Marvel comic book characters he did for Toy Biz back in the day.   It’s an unbelievably  impressive line up, and this doesn’t include the WCW…


by Daniel Pickett
February 4, 2016
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I’ve been friends with master sculptor Tim Bruckner for over 10 years and a fan of his work for even longer.  I had the great privilege to sit down with him last week and do an exclusive in depth interview with him as he is looking at semi-retiring from sculpting, putting together a career retrospective…


by Daniel Pickett
April 1, 2015
WonderConBanner1 Do you like toys? Do you like talking about toys?  Do you like watching guys who make toys talk about toys?   Do you love straight up fun?  Then get yourself down to WonderCon on Friday and join in the conversation!   Action Figure Insider has been doing panels at San Diego Comic con for ten…


by Daniel Pickett
November 20, 2014
NECADVD89Batman When NECA first debuted their 7″ Michael Keaton Batman based on the 1990 video game (that was based on the 1989 movie) fans were told that the purple game deco was the only version NECA could do and we would not be getting a regular black version of the figure. It looks like NECA was…


by Danny "CantinaDan" Neumann
October 3, 2013
BLOGtoycompanies-BIG Recently I was staring at the cool packaging of the Super7 ALIEN ReAction line. As I noted how the ReAction logo pays homage to the original Kenner logo I started to wonder what “Kenner” originally meant. Then it occurred to me that I had no idea where many toy company names came from. Hence, my…


by Daniel Pickett
February 14, 2013
Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! Valentine’s Day Special The Hulk, M.O.D.O.K. and more search for love in all the wrong places!


by Daniel Pickett
January 8, 2013
The “Hills” Are Alive… With Toys! Over the holidays I was talking to fellow AFi staffer Cantina Dan about the “olden days” of collecting and I mentioned my time in the mid 90’s out east and hitting “Hills” department stores as part of my regular run.   I never had Hills in the mid-west and they seemed to be a treasure trove…


by Daniel Pickett
January 8, 2013
The “Hills” Are Alive… With Toys! Over the holidays I was talking to fellow AFi staffer Cantina Dan about the “olden days” of collecting and I mentioned my time in the mid 90′s out east and hitting “Hills” department stores as part of my regular run.   I never had Hills in the mid-west and they seemed to be a treasure trove […]


by Joe Grunenwald
July 8, 2012
Welcome back to our series of in-depth looks at the Toy Biz DC Superheroes action figure line. This week we’ll be looking at Batman’s archenemy, the villain of the Tim Burton Batman movie, the one, the only…The Joker! Mr. J had had a few figures prior to this one – a couple of entries from […]


by Daniel Pickett
April 25, 2012
Marvel LEGEND’S “The Avengers” Today someone forwarded me this cool YouTube video of the Marvel’s The Avengers trailer… with the characters all replaced with stop motion Marvel Legends figures.   It’s really well done and had to take a crap load of time to do!


by Daniel Pickett
March 7, 2012
BigBadToyStore.com sent out new solicitations today and it confirms something I was told at Toy Fair last month- that Bridge Direct’s new figures for the upcoming “Hobbit” movie would be in 2 scales: 3.75″ scale and 6″ scale.   Many fans have been speculating at the possible scale for this line since many of the Bridge…


by Joe Grunenwald
February 5, 2012
ToyBizBatmanHeadshot-150x150.jpg Welcome to the first in a series of in-depth looks at the figures of the Toy Biz DC Superheroes action figure line. In this installment we’ll be looking at what is arguably the flagship figure of the line, Batman. Without the 1989 Batman film, it’s hard to imagine the Toy Biz DC Superheroes line existing […]


by Daniel Pickett
June 23, 2009
Over the weekend Randy Bowen and our friends Tim Bruckner and Jesse Falcon were inducted into Toy Fare’s "Toy Hall of Fame" at Wizard world Philly.  I came across this great interview with Jesse at Marvel.com via Marvel’s Twitter feed. It’s a great read summarizing how Marvel Legends came to be and talks a bit…


by Daniel Pickett
August 6, 2008
You’ve heard people talk about it, you’ve seen the slide show we  posted, now see the panel in it entirety!   AFI Abby did an amazing job filming the panel and then cutting it together with the slides so all of you can feel like you were there in the room.   We have posted…


by Daniel Pickett
August 5, 2008
The team has been working fast and furious to get all of the pictures in our Comic Con 2008 gallery labeled, and we are just about done.  There are a few more galleries still to be added, but the lion’s share are up now for your enjoyment.  Check out our coverage of the toys, the…


by Daniel Pickett
July 30, 2008
I’ve seen quite a bit of feedback on the Toy Biz/Marvel Toys panel that I put together at Comic Con this year.   There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about it both from another site that was blogging live from the panel and posting inaccurate material and from people that have only seen the…


by AFi Admin
July 26, 2008
We just added a ton of photos to our new gallery including the slides used during the Panel with Marvel Toys / ToyBiz, lots of great stuff revealed by Mattel, and of course, pictures taken from the inside and outside convention arena by our very own Mike "SDcomics" Walker. Just click on the image below…


by Daniel Pickett
July 22, 2008
The team at AFI has put together some amazing panels for Comic Con this year, chocked full of stuff you’ve never seen ANYWHERE before.   I don’t think I’m over selling these when I say these are going to blow your doors off! First, on Friday is the Action Figure Insider: Behind the Plastic: The Golden…


by Daniel Pickett
April 7, 2008
This just in from Diamond Select Toys: Though it’s true that Captain America has had better years, it’s finally starting to look up for the patriotic legend. Sure he was forced to go on the run from the authorities, adopt a fake identity and fight his former friends. No problem that he was arrested and…