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by Daniel Pickett
April 18, 2007
afi-shirt-logo3   2nd Anniversary Celebration   Today as part of the 2nd Anniversary celebration  we get to lob a few questions at Marvel Toys’ Jesse Falcon about the upcoming Legendary Comic Book Heroes line. Click here to read the interview.


by Daniel Pickett
December 28, 2006
SigSeries1.jpg Hasbro has embraced their new Marvel license with a vengence.  We saw a LOT of new upcoming product this past August at Comic Con and Hasbro made sure that they had an aisle full of new product ready for the fourth quarter and the holiday season.  In the week leading up to Christmas Wal-mart seemed…


by Daniel Pickett
October 31, 2006
DireWraith.jpg Waaaaay back in 1979, Parker Brothers took a chance on a new property/invention and decided to break away from just making board games and dip their toe into boys toys and action figures.  That venture was ROM: The Space Knight. Marvel Comics also picked up the property for a 75 issue run written by Bill…


by Daniel Pickett
October 26, 2006
gorillaz1.jpg Here’s a cool, one of a kind little item I thought you guys would dig. As you may recall Kid Robot did an extremely limited  run of vinyl figures based on Jamie Hewlett’s designs for the "animated" personas of the band the "Gorillaz."       Many fans salivated over these, but a lot couldn’t justify…


by Daniel Pickett
October 15, 2006
MLTools.jpg In the past I have shown you pictures of Marvel Legends prototypes, test shots and paint masters, but you’ve never seen what it takes to make a Marvel Legends figure. The picture to the right is of the steel tools it takes to make one Marvel Legends figure.  Every one of those boxes you see…