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by Daniel Pickett
September 25, 2015
UglyDollBeads Green Brook, NJ – September, 2015 – Pretty Ugly™, LLC is excited to announce an UGLYDOLL OHM collection of sterling silver jewelry being released October 1st. “We are ecstatic to work with OHM. OHM is sure to bring our lovable and colorful characters to life in a really memorable way!” said Drew Matilsky, Managing Partner….


by Daniel Pickett
June 8, 2015
UglyDollChina   Green Brook, NJ – June 2015 – Pretty Ugly™, LLC, official licensors of the UGLYDOLL® brand is thrilled to announce its recent partnerships with multiple companies in Japan. Uglydoll creators David Horvath and Sun-min Kim, in coordination with Fields Corp based in Tokyo, have taken a hands on approach with Uglydolls rapid expansion through…


by Daniel Pickett
May 31, 2015
UglydollMovie1   STX ENTERTAINMENT TO LAUNCH FAMILY/ANIMATION AND CONSUMER PRODUCTS/LICENSING DIVISIONS WITH EYE TOWARD DEVELOPING PROJECTS ACROSS FILM, TELEVISION, DIGITAL AND CONSUMER PRODUCTS ARENAS   – Studio Enters Rights Agreement with UGLYDOLL Toy Line as First Significant Investment for New Divisions –   (Burbank, May 28, 2015) – STX Entertainment has announced the launch of a family and animation division geared toward creating…


by Daniel Pickett
November 25, 2014
UglydollFathead1 UGLYDOLL and FATHEAD collaborate to bring life-sized wall graphics to fans of all ages Green Brook, NJ – November, 2014 – Pretty Ugly™, LLC owner of the UGLYDOLL brand, is pleased to announce their recent partnership with Fathead, the leading brand of licensed wall graphics, to create a collection of Uglydoll Fathead wall decals.  …


by Daniel Pickett
September 15, 2014
UglyDollBathProducts Pretty Ugly™ and Franco Manufacturing Co., Inc.  partner to create an extensive line of   Bedding and Bath products for UGLYDOLL fans of all ages!   Green Brook, NJ – September, 2014 -“Ugly is the new Beautiful!” This has been Uglydoll’s mantra since its inception 13 years ago.  The notion of embracing one’s individuality has led to…


by Daniel Pickett
July 8, 2014
UglyDollMakerbot Green Brook, NJ – July, 2014–Being different and unique is what Uglydoll™ is all about! That is why we are so excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with 3D Printing innovator MakerBot. MakerBot has enthusiastically designed a collection of 3D printable collectibles featuring four of our fan’s most popular characters Babo™, Wage™, Ice-Bat™ and Ox™,…


by Daniel Pickett
June 13, 2014
UglydollWizardoOz Pretty Ugly, LLC. and Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced today that they have entered into a co-branded collaboration to create plush based on The Wizard of Oz™and UGLYDOLL™ characters. NEW YORK, June, 2014– Green Brook, NJ — Pretty Ugly, LLC. and Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced today that they have entered into a co-branded collaboration…


by Daniel Pickett
June 12, 2014
UglyDollStarTrek Green Brook, NJ – June 11, 2014 –  Pretty Ugly, LLC™ has teamed with CBS Consumer Products for its newest collaboration with the iconic STAR TREK characters, set to launch in 2015.   Products will include Wage™ as Captain James T. Kirk, Ox™ as first officer Spock™, Ice-Bat™ as chief engineer Scotty, Babo™ as Doctor…


by Daniel Pickett
June 9, 2014
UglydollHP1 Green Brook, NJ – June, 2014 – “Ugly is the new Beautiful!” This has been Uglydoll’s mantra since its inception 13 years ago. The notion of embracing one’s individuality has led to the success in becoming an award-winning brand. The Uglydoll property includes a fully integrated licensing program. Pretty Ugly, LLC™ is now proud to…


by Daniel Pickett
May 7, 2014
UglyDollBrazil Green Brook, NJ – May, 2014 – Pretty Ugly™, LLC owner of the UGLYDOLL® brand, has appointed LID-Group as their licensing agent throughout Brazil. We are very excited to be working with LID-Group in creating a comprehensive UGLYDOLL program in Brazil. “With Brazil being part of the big four emerging markets timing could not be…


by Daniel Pickett
January 28, 2014
1268.jpg Green Brook, NJ, January 27, 2014 – Pretty Ugly, LLC™, owner of the UGLYDOLL® grants license to Howard Keys to produce keys, key chains and lanyards in North America, Canada and selected International Territories. “The key to success is introducing a practical and comical way to avoid misplacing your house keys. So, we’re introducing hilarious…


by Daniel Pickett
December 7, 2013
Uglydoll x DC Comics Vinyl Figures What do you get when you cross a superhero with an Uglydoll? Totally cool vinyl figures from Funko! Ice-Bat at Batman! Wedgehead as Robin! Babo as Superman! These vinyl figures love justice! …And snacks! Available February 11th! Pop! Movies: Scarface Say hello to our little friend… Emphasis on little! The…