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by Daniel Pickett
February 16, 2012
Reintroduces set with new Stats and Powers Hillside, N.J. & Cary, N.C.—February 14 , 2012—HeroClix Online today released a new Marvel set, Hammer of Thor Fast Forces with all-new stats and powers. Hammer of Thor Fast Force figures include characters Thor, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Asgardian Brawler and Loki, recharged with new powers. A special in-game…


by Daniel Pickett
January 19, 2012
January 17, 2012 (HILLSIDE, NJ)— WizKids/NECA announces the complete sell-out of their most recent Pathfinder Battle miniatures release, Heroes & Monsters. WizKids’ entire inventory of Pathfinder Battles: Heroes & Monsters, which released to the public on January 11, 2012, has been completely sold to distributors worldwide. Heroes & Monsters includes 40 beautifully prepainted miniatures perfect…


by Erik "Superfriend" Skov
January 2, 2012
SpidermanDial1.jpg Someone once asked me to explain HeroClix.  After some practice, I have come up with this. “Its like Chess with Super-Heroes, except that if you want to play with 4 knights and no bishops, that is not only OK, it is encouraged and expected.”  At this point, I should add that you can also use…


by Erik "Superfriend" Skov
October 4, 2011
iglogo.png “I now hold omnipotence. What should I do with such almighty power? The answer to that is actually quite simple: Anything I want. Anything. I am incapable of error. Any result that displeases me I can simply reverse. There is nothing I need to worry on, for I am Thanos. And Thanos is supreme. Supreme.”…


by Daniel Pickett
June 21, 2011
First Look at Beginner Box Heroes Set June 20, 2011 (REDMOND, Wash.) – Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games today revealed product images and additional pricing and release details about the highly anticipated Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes prepainted fantasy miniature set scheduled for an October 2011 release. You can view high-resolution pre-production images of the miniatures…


by Daniel Pickett
May 25, 2011
Beginner Box Release Resurrects Pre-Painted Plastic Fantasy Miniatures May 25, 2011 (REDMOND, Wash.) – Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games announce a new partnership whereby WizKids Games will produce a special set of pre-painted plastic miniatures for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box, an introductory boxed set slated to release in October 2011. “We’re…


by Daniel Pickett
May 24, 2011
NECA’s official website www.NECAonline.com got a complete overhaul and redesign.   NECA’s site hasn’t been updated in awhile, but that doesn’t mean they have been hiding from the world wide web.   NECA has a very active Facebook page and the NECA crew answers more fans daily on their Twitter feed than any other company…


by Daniel Pickett
May 20, 2011
May 20, 2011 (HILLSIDE, NJ) — WizKids Inc. announces the manufacturer sell-out of their most recent set, Marvel HeroClix®: Captain America. WizKids’ entire inventory of Marvel HeroClix: Captain  America, releasing July 13th, 2011 has been completely sold to distributors worldwide. The Marvel HeroClix: Captain America expansion will feature more than 60 figures in standard five-figure…


by Daniel Pickett
May 10, 2011
Posted today over on the official Wizkids blog was the news that at long last the online version of HeroClix has moved to the beta phase and they’d like fans to help them work out the rest of the bugs.   Check out the open beta key and instructions below and get playing! Greetings HeroClix fans!…


by Daniel Pickett
May 6, 2011
Tomorrow is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! What is "Free Comic Book Day?" As the name implies, Free Comic Book Day is a single day when participating comic book specialty shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their shops. There are lots of great free comics that will be available…


by Daniel Pickett
March 15, 2011
This week the gang at Wizkids are getting a little too big for their britches.  And by big, I mean GIANT.   They are at long last raising the curtain on their Giant Sized X-Men super-boosters and they have asked AFi to help.   This week there will be a series of three reveals leading…


by Daniel Pickett
February 22, 2011
February 22, 2011 (HILLSIDE, NJ) — WizKids Inc. announces the manufacturer sell-out of their most recent set, Marvel HeroClix®: Giant-Size X-Men (GSX).  WizKids’ entire inventory of Marvel Giant-Size X-Men, releasing March 16th, 2011 has been completely sold to distributors worldwide.   The X-Men burst onto the scene in this latest HeroClix expansion dedicated to Marvel’s “First Family”…