Tell me about the rabbits, George.
March 14, 2007

I must apologize to my more sensitive readers, but there is just no other way to descibe this that I feel will do it justice.

This is some crazy, crazy shit.


I surely didn’t see that coming. I didn’t see any of it coming.

I’m not sure exactly what I did just see. 

Can you prove it didn’t happen?  


Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer
AFi Editor-In-Chief Jason Geyer has been part of the online pop culture world for nearly 20 years, having founded some of the very first toy sites on the web including Raving Toy Maniac, ToyOtter, and now Action Figure Insider. Along the way he helped pioneer online coverage of industry events such as San Diego Comic Con, E3, Toy Fair, and CES. He is also a former toy designer who is now a marketing genius. If he does say so himself. And he does.
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