#TF14 Mattel DC Classics Toy Fair Display!
February 16, 2014

Some quick shots of the Mattel reveals on display at NYTF!








Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
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  • Lulu says:

    Lord, I hate to be a nitpicker but why is the Wonder Woman card featuring a Neal Adams picture from the 70s with the eagle when the SP WW and the figure shown have the =w= chestplate? Also, she’s literally a repaint of the DCUC WW with yellow accents in lieu of gold.

    And, the Riddler a repaint of GL? ‘splain me please!

    • Lulu says:

      Nevermind re: Riddler. I just answered my own question when I realized he is a “faithful” repro of the “Ajercito”

    • flowk3 says:

      I do believe the WW as well as all the rest of the card art is supposed to be the same as was on the original packaging from the early 80’s

  • Ozzie says:

    Super Powers 6 inch!! Done in the classic tradition colors and all!! Great idea! Buying them all! Nicely done

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  • Sais says:

    Where’s Miss Martian? Where are Merlyn, Felix Faust, Clarion or Count Vertigo?

  • Ron says:

    So this was Mattel’s “goodbye” surprise for the DC Universe Classics line? Ho hum. Except for a partially articulated seated Mr. Mxylpltz (which really should be a pack-in extra and not considered a full figure), all the others are just mild repaints of characters that were already released. WHAT A SNORE!!! They really should have closed the line with new characters to have helped collectors & fans get closer to some team completions. Instead, they fixated again on the old “Super Powers” line. Really, how many people yearned for a “Gold Superman,” or another Batman, or a Green Lantern/Riddler? USELESS! They could’ve gone just as cheap and repainted for new characters. I had always subscribed in hopes of getting new characters but with this, I no longer lament the end of the line because of Mattel’s repeated lousy inane decisions and neglect for what could’ve continued on as DC’s counterpart to Marvel Legends. JUST A DAMN SHAME.

  • Orion says:

    A Super Powers Orion out of a Man E Faces mold would have been cool. I’d have paid extra for that.

  • SarcasticThumbsUpToScott says:

    I’m with Sais. Miss Martian or don’t care, Scott.

    Sais. I don’t know how you feel about Guardians of the Galaxy. I, personally, don’t give 2 craps about it. So, Gamora will be my stand in for Megan.

    Scott knows where he can stick these abominations.

    • Sais says:

      Thanks for agreeing with me. Hasbro must add some articulation to guardians of the galaxy 4 inch figures. I hope if comic con could bring some dc figures like we wanted for the 6 inch figures. Mattel needs to agree with the customers.

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  • Tosh says:

    Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, not Neal Adams.

  • Jroug says:

    What a load of garbage. This is the “sendoff”? The same kind of closed thinking that killed this line in the first place? Does Scott really think the Riddler colors are accurate to the original? Is there some way to stop this line from crawling along, coughing up blood, even after it’s supposed demise, so it’s no longer a reminder of how good it SHOULD have been?

    • Sais says:

      I say demand mattel to bring the figures what the people want, such as Miss Martian Speedy (Mia Dearden) and more villains like merlyn and the rest. Not what the company wanted to show off their ideas such the toyfair 2014.

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