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Dark Horse


darkhorse01.jpg (153 K)
darkhorse02.jpg (170 K)
darkhorse03.jpg (159 K)
darkhorse04.jpg (179 K)
darkhorse05.jpg (169 K)
Dark Horse Sign
Pin-Up Postcards
Bettie Page Statue
Disney Gremlins
Gremlins PVC Set: Jamface
darkhorse06.jpg (258 K)
darkhorse07.jpg (185 K)
darkhorse08.jpg (138 K)
darkhorse09.jpg (156 K)
darkhorse10.jpg (211 K)
Gremlins Book & Vinyl Figures
Gremlin Statues: Finfinella w/ Widgets & Gus w/Pipe
Gremlins PVC Set: Gus
Gremlins PVC Set: Rufus
DC Superhero "Syroco" Figures
darkhorse11.jpg (250 K)
darkhorse12.jpg (228 K)
darkhorse13.jpg (142 K)
darkhorse14.jpg (147 K)
darkhorse15.jpg (163 K)
"Syroco" Figures Display
Peanuts "Syroco" Figures
Wm. Stout Statues
Stout Statue #1
Tarzan & the Golden Lion Statue
darkhorse16.jpg (170 K)
darkhorse17.jpg (187 K)
darkhorse18.jpg (182 K)
darkhorse19.jpg (127 K)
darkhorse20.jpg (149 K)
Tarzan & the Golden Lion Statue
Frazetta Snow Giants Statue
Frazetta Snow Giants Statue
Frank Cho Babe & Ape Statue
Frank Cho Babe & Ape Statue
darkhorse21.jpg (136 K)
darkhorse22.jpg (142 K)
darkhorse23.jpg (192 K)
darkhorse24.jpg (201 K)
darkhorse25.jpg (146 K)
Charles Vess' Princess Statue
Charles Vess' Princess Statue

Hellgate: London Statues

Hellgate: London Statues
Mutts Display
darkhorse26.jpg (120 K)
darkhorse27.jpg (169 K)
darkhorse28.jpg (195 K)
darkhorse29.jpg (218 K)
darkhorse30.jpg (201 K)
Mutts Display
Mutts Display
Kotobukiya Star Wars
Kotobukiya Star Wars
Kotobukiya Star Wars
darkhorse31.jpg (194 K)
darkhorse32.jpg (174 K)
darkhorse33.jpg (232 K)
darkhorse34.jpg (168 K)
darkhorse35.jpg (153 K)
Kotobukiya Star Wars
Kotobukiya McQuarrie Duel
Kotobukiya Anakin & Vader
Serenity Display
Serenity Ornament
darkhorse36.jpg (159 K)
darkhorse37.jpg (161 K)
darkhorse38.jpg (197 K)
darkhorse39.jpg (197 K)
darkhorse40.jpg (162 K)
Serenity PVC Set
Hellboy Animated Display
Hellboy Animated PVC Set
Hellboy Animated PVC Set
Hellboy Animated Abe & Hellboy Busts
darkhorse41.jpg (130 K)
darkhorse42.jpg (146 K)
darkhorse43.jpg (158 K)
darkhorse44.jpg (158 K)
darkhorse45.jpg (157 K)
Hellboy Animated Kate & Liz Busts
Hellboy Animated Statue
Hellboy Animated Abe Statue
Hellboy Animated Statues
darkhorse46.jpg (163 K)
darkhorse47.jpg (160 K)
darkhorse48.jpg (206 K)
darkhorse49.jpg (150 K)
darkhorse50.jpg (177 K)
Jimbo Statue
Weta Rayguns
Weta Rayguns
Weta Rayguns
Weta Rayguns
darkhorse51.jpg (160 K)
darkhorse52.jpg (157 K)
darkhorse53.jpg (217 K)
darkhorse54.jpg (191 K)
darkhorse55.jpg (221 K)
Weta Rayguns
Weta Rayguns
Killer Panda Monster Theater
Killer Panda Monster Theater Display
Killer Panda Monster Theater PVCs

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