#TFNY 2015 #Hasbro Collector Press Event Live Blog
February 14, 2015

We start with the live presentation. No photography or recording is allowed, so the first part will be text only – photos will follow shortly after.

Here we go!

Avengers – Age of Ultron

2.5″ Mini Figure System – 3 different playsets to build landing jet tower

Titan Hero Tech – Electronic talking figures

Role Play – Hulk hands are grip fist now, Capt. American disc launching shield, Iron Man gloves


Marvel Legends Infinite Series

Wave 2 – Capt. America, Hulk, Spider Woman, Hell Cat, Thanos (BAF), Iron Man mark 43, Batrok

Wave 3 – Blizzard, Dr. Strange, Vision, Movie War Machine, Iron Man, Thundra, Valkyrie, Hulk Bust Iron Man (BAF)


Ant Man

Ant Man, Wasp, Tiger Shark, Grim Reaper, Giant Man, Bulldozer, Ultron Prime (BAF)

3.75″ Ant Man & Ant

Titan Hero Series & Super Hero Masher


Marvel 500

2″ figure, Blind Bag packaging, 24 figs in each series, Summer on-shelf


Marvel Infinite Series

Scarlet Spider, Chameleon, Deadpool, Ultron, Emma Frost, Korg


Marvel Spider Man

Wave 2 – Scarlet Spider, Misty Night, Ghostrider, Chameleon w/J Jonah Jamison, Kraven, Superior Venom, Rhino (BAF)


Super Hero Mashers

Rocket Raccoon, Ant Man, Winter Soldier, Nova, Daredevil, Hulk Buster & Hulk Mash Pack


2015 Exclusives

Entertainment Earth – Titan Hero Deluxe

TRU – Avengers 2 packs (Capt & Black Widow 3.75″) & Nick Fury and someone awesome

TRU – Legends 3 pack

Walmart – Hulk Buster Fists

Target – Marvel Legends 3 pack (Hulk, Ultron, White Vision)

Amazon – Legends 4 Pack (Move Thor, Ruffalo Banner, Hawkeye, Black Widow)


Jurassic World

Figures, Brawlasaurs, Hero Mashers, Role Play

Indominus Rex – mouth opens nearly 90 degrees, arm activates jaw, grey with color morphing tech (LED’s in body)

T. Rex – stomp and strike

Brawlasaurs (wind up figures, go into a launcher)

Jurassic World the game app  – scan your Brawlasaurs figures and battle them in game

Claws (Raptor Claws) & Jaws (Dino Heads on hands)

Basic Figure Asst, Lights and Sounds Asst, Vehicle Battle Packs, T. Rex lockdown playset, Rapto Asst, Chomping T. Rex (16″ Long)

Brawlausaurs, Brawlasaurs vs pack Jurassic Chompers

Hero Mashers

Playskool Heroes


Star Wars

Hero Mashers

Lightsabers – Bladebuilders (fully customizable lightsaber system), Fall 2015

Furby – Chewbacca – Furbacca



Rescue Force Recruits – High Tide Rescue Rig, Salvage, Blurr

Robots in Disguise – Premieres 3/14/15 on CN, app – 360 degree digital ecosystem

Legion – Fix it, Underbite

1 step changers – Autobot drift, Fracture, thunderfoot

Warriors – Sideswipe, Jazz

3 step changers – Steel Jaw, Autobot Drift

Fall 15 – Mini Cons – Slipstream

Deployers (Drift, Slipstream, Fracture, Air Razor)

Mega Optimus Prime & Super Bumblebee

Generations – Combiner Wars (IDW comics, DeNa Battle Tactics game)

Fan Created 2015 – check out fan appt to vote

Giant Customizable Robots – Legends, Deluxe, Voyager to combine

3rd Combiner – Defensor

Legends – Viper, Warpath, Groove

Deluxe – Streetwise, Rook, Blades, First Aid

Voyager – Hotspot, Cyclonus

Leader – Ultra Magnus, Minimus Ambus

Devastator – 6 Voyager scales based on G1 (Hook, Long Haul, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Scrapper, Mixmaster)


My Little Pony

2015 Theme – Cutie Mark Magic

Friendship is Magic Collection: Sweet Apple Acres – Fall 2015

Friendship Games – Fall 2015
















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    hell cat and valkyrie and strange sounds like some defenders love ml style . though sounds like the 3 3/4 mu style figures are now dead. plus no gijoe at all.

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