Thank You, oh Action Figure gods!
April 19, 2008

Boy howdy!  I’m as excited as Jessie, Bullseye and Prospector Pete when Sheriff Woody showed up!   After seeing the first pictures from New York Comic Convention and then reading Cantania Dan’s Blog I though I should do a back flip for joy!  Unfortunately, Medicaid doesn’t cover such stunts, so I must content myself with a blog.

This is just the best news imaginable for the JLU line.  I want to kiss the bottom of the shoes of the folks at both Mattel and Target for not only keeping the line alive, but really going all out for the collectors!

Ever since AFI started, a majority of us have clamored for the figures that have been announced. Not only are we getting a huge batch of the Legion of Doom, we are getting both a 10" and a 4" Giganta!  Holy I -hope-she’s-wearing-underwear, Batman!  A 10" Giganta!  Yea, I know she’s an SDCC exclusive, but even so this is simply amazing news.  Mattel is listening to us.  After Boy Wonder was promoted it seemed as though we were shut out at Mattel.  I knew – well, guessed what was actually going on within the bureaucracy and why all the cool inside news had stopped, but it certainly was frustrating not knowing whether or not our input was still of value.  Now we know it is.

And the news about Wonder Pig shows that not only is Mattel listening, but so is Target!  I would never, in a million years, have thought that we would see a Wonder Pig.  Sure, we’ve all talked about it, but that is like asking for an honest politician.  You don’t expect to ever really see it happen.  Now, it is. And two females – Galeta and Silver Banshee.   Lastly, it appears that Target is going to rerelease Gorilla Grodd.  Considering the fiasco last holiday season, this too is good news.  

So, a really big, BIG "Thank You" to all the people at Mattel and Target for keeping the little boy in all of us happy! 


Glenn Moss
Born in 1952 (you do the math), making me one of the proverbial "old farts" involved in toys, comic books, and other juvenile activities that everyone said I should have outgrown decades ago. Fortunately, my wife of 36 years is an understanding soul. A firm believer in the philosophy of Groucho Marx, George Carlin, Robin Williams and Chris Rock. Am now indoctrinating my grandchildren to carry on so that when I finally fade away there will be another generation of odd neighbors who seemed nice and kept to themselves.
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