The Breaking Bad Florida Mom Has A New Neighbor in Crazytown #StarWars #SlaveLeiaGate
July 14, 2015


The story was making the rounds on social media today of a father in Philadelphia being upset and “unable to explain” a Star Wars Black Princess Leia in Slave action figure to his two daughters.   The dad in the story can never quite seem to be able to articulate what has fueled his 10-minutes-of-fame faux-outrage, just that he was unsure how to “explain this crap.”  He seems to be hung up on the chain around the neck of the figure, which he seems to be projecting his own sexual “deviance” on, as in the context of the scene in the movie makes sense, as the character is a slave that the gangster does not want to escape, but he seems to think it means something else.   Or maybe he is upset by bikinis?


FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

While discussing this story today with friends, one buddy said “Has this guy never seen Return of the Jedi? The title of the article should have been ‘Grown Man has No Excuse for Not Seeing 30 Year Old Staple of Pop Culture’.”

Another friend said “If he can’t explain to his kids that this is how a bad guy imprisoned a hero who later beat him, and then helped her hero friends escape, he shouldn’t be a father.”

Target seems to brush off his complaint as his has been the only one regarding this 2 year old figure (that has been released several times in several scales since 1997).

I’m not sure if I should dismiss him as just another example of “lunatic fringe” or if I should jump online a support him to try to get the figure recalled and removed from store shelves so it will FINALLY make way for the new waves of Star Wars Black figures we are missing out on because this figure is taking up SO MANY pegs in stores across the nation!

What say you fellow insiders?



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  • plzPokeMe says:

    Well, we should definitely pull the toy off the shelf. Not because it is sexual in nature, but the sculpt and paint job are terrible!
    Huge fan of The Black Series, this is one I skipped due to its poor quality.

  • ‘Grown Man has No Excuse for Not Seeing 30 Year Old Staple of Pop Culture’ and the bit about supporting him to make way for new figures are both hilarious and accurate.
    I’ll never understand how these people are against figures like this but are okay with wrestling figures and, good gravy, walking dead figures being in close proximity. What makes one more offensive?
    Oh, the crazy. That’s it.

  • GeekSummit says:

    That would have been a genius tactic to get fresh waves pumping again… Of course this guy is a couple years too late to benefit us all the frustration this figure has caused. But in the end we’re current to date so it would have been all for nothing within this timeline. I’m telling you though, if Jabba had just come with SOME Acessories, like his pipe & bowl of frogs, both of these figures would be sold out in counterpart… take a whif Hasbro…

  • GeekSummit says:

    Oooohhh. I guess they couldn’t mass release a figure who smoked a bowl… That makes a lot mroe sense 2 minutes later…

  • Hamilton says:

    I dint remember hearing a peep when the first Slave Leia figure was released. There’s too many people out there just looking to be outraged over nothing.
    This man has obviously never seen the movie, so he can’t explain to his kids why Leia is dressed like that. thats not our fault, sir.

  • S Wood says:

    What an absolute idiot. You’re article says it all.
    It is on Fox news though! Even in the UK we know it’s a channel for W.A.S.P., God fearin’, Commie hatin’, anyone ‘Not-WASP’ loathin’, Reagan lovin’ lunatics. I suspect the reason the packaging hadn’t been opened was the presenters don’t have to intelligence to achieve that particular task. When decent broadcasters and media cover the story then it’s time to worry.

  • Jared says:

    It was a poor choice for the first female figure of the line. You can joke all you want about it, It’s just another figure, but it just shows little girls just how some industry leaders prioritize a young woman’s self image. Princess Leia is of the greatest heroes of the trilogy, I think the larger point is that it isn’t overtly wrong to have such a figure but when you have a son that wants a 6 inch scale figure and you have 10 awesome characters to choose from, and your daughter has a woman in a bikini it becomes an issue of a poor choice of management. At least a slew of female figures are on the horizon, so all is not lost friends! Cheer up guys, we collect in the best age of toys in availability and quality.

  • Shawn says:

    “Why does the figure have a chain around her neck?” Well, why does the dad have a chain around his neck? Anyone else catch that?

    How does he explain it to his daughters? He lets them watch the Star Wars movies! Also, the video looks staged. He just happened to be filming when they went into the action figure aisle and went right to the Star Wars Black figures? Give me a break.

    It’s too bad this didn’t happen before the Women in Toys panel at SDCC, because it would have gone well with one of the subjects brought up.

  • demoncat_4 says:

    looks like its the breaking bad figures outrage all over again. for its just a toy if parent does not want their kid to have it then don’t buy it problem solved.

  • S Wood says:

    I suspect the ‘Trick or Treat Hot Chicks Squad’ figures may cause him some concerns too!
    Hasbro identified their collector demographic and wouldn’t expect anywhere near as many sales if Leia was sculpted in her white ceremony dress. Yes the Endor outfit may be more appropriate in this PC age, but there’s a lot more flesh on show on the beach at this time of year [not quite as many chains though].
    The figure needs to be viewed in context and without an agenda.

  • StrangePlanet says:

    That’s no big deal, particularly in light that you can find toys of Freddy Kruger on the shelves. That guy is a known child molester who was born from the violent rape of a nun by 100 crazy inmates in prison.

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