The Bruckner Archives Are Up For Auction at @HakesAmericana
November 11, 2016

The other day Hake’s Americana auction house launched an incredible set of auctions that should make every action figure fan salivate.  Hake’s is know for having a long history of auctioning off some stunning one-of-a-kind items, and the new collection is no exception.  In their most recent auction they have listed the first lots from master-sculptor Tim Bruckner’s archives.


Tim is in the process of retiring from doing commercial sculpture (but don’t worry you can still enjoy his incredible talents through his writing) and part of that process is clearing out his decades worth of work.   Over his many years of sculpting for a wide range of companies he has accumulated an overwhelming amount of molds, castings, original waxes and prototypes of items both released and never released.

I think a lot of folks will focus on the prototypes and the original wax sculpts that are EXTREEMLY rare and sought after by the “big fish” collectors… but I think the real stars of this first batch of lots are the castings (and original wax heads) from the NEVER released DC Direct Watchmen comic figures.   These figures were only shown in 1999 at Toy Fair and comic con, but because of a falling out with Alan Moore and DC Comics they were never made or released.  Fans, such as myself have been pining for them for years!

See bellow for Hake’s write up on the auction, or click here to be taken to the auction listings.   This is a once in a life time opportunity to pick up some pieces of action figure history from my dear friend Tim.


Tim Bruckner’s earliest memory of sculpting was when he was seven. He sculpted little heads of the Seven Dwarves out of wax candy tubes. From the very beginning, he was a wax sculptor. He started working professionally at the age of eighteen as a jeweler’s apprentice/wax carver. He sculpted several hundred wildlife waxes that became rings, pendants, broaches and belt buckles. It was the single most valuable experience of his professional life. In those two years he learned the foundation of his art that would sustain him for over forty-eight years.

His first free-lance job was for Max Factor, sculpting a menagerie of fanciful animals and decorative objects.  From there he sculpted two alligator suits for the movies Joe Panther and a twenty-eight foot, two man suit for Alligator.

He’s appeared in the Spectrum Fantastic Art books (the premier juried annual of the best in fantasy art) fourteen times and has won two Gold Awards in the Dimensional category. He was awarded two Diamond Comic Distributors. Inc. Statue of the Year awards as well as an award for Product of the Year.  In 2009, he was inducted into the ToyFare Hall of Fame.  He’s been featured in dozens of magazine and online articles including Blue Canvas and Amazing Figure Modeler, as well as Fantasy Art Magazine, China’s most popular pop culture publication. His work has appeared in numerous successful gallery exhibitions and his collectible resin kits have been sold in specialty stores around the world.

A partial client list includes: DC Direct, Mattel, Kenner, Hasbro, Toy Biz, Bowen Designs, Sideshow, Gentle Giant, Electric Tiki, Reel Arts, Enesco, Dakin, The Hamilton Group, Hallmark, Applause, American Greetings, Department 56, Ashton Drake, Franklin Mint, Geometric, Graham Nash, Harry Nilsson and the Danbury Mint. He was under contract to DC Direct for almost a dozen years. One of his most gratifying professional experiences was designing and sculpting the DC Dynamics line based on the art of J. C. Leyendecker.

Now retired from commercial work, he focuses on commission and personal work.

In their current auction, Hake’s Americana & Collectibles is presenting the Tim Bruckner Archives Collection of character sculpts. Bruckner has been sculpting since he was 7 years old. Since developing his skills, he has sculpted for DC Direct, Mattel, Kenner, Hasbro, Toy Biz, Bowen Designs, Sideshow, Gentle Giant, Electric Tiki, Reel Arts, Enesco, Dakin, Hallmark, and many other clients.

The inaugural offerings include one of a kind pieces, sculpts and busts of DC characters, X-Men, Watchmen, Star Wars, and other figures.

In lot 2257, collectors will find a Ninja Force Zartan resin 2 up prototype figure, created for Hasbro in 1993. The one of a kind resin cast is a fully realized light gray primered 8” tall prototype that is missing the left lower arm. It comes with artist COA.

DC Dynamics Statues Batman resin cast prototype with statue in box is in lot 2258. It was one of eight statues, 11-1/4” tall beige resin 1 to 1 size statue without extreme cape tips, with resin sprues attached, used in the production of the resin tool parts. It comes with the original 12-1/2” box and artist COA.

Lot 2261 features the DC Dynamics Statues Sinestro wax head master sculpt and resin torso with statue in box. The one of a kind 1-3/4” original Master Wax 1 to 1 head sculpt with neck on brass rod with custom purple cast resin base is signed by the artist. It comes with artist COA.

Wonder Woman #72 cover statue prototype complete package can be found in lot 2268. This one of a kind grouping was involved in creating the award winning statue. Included in the lot are the original master wax head sculpt, the fully realized resin tool parts used in production with components unassembled, and the 10-1/2” original paint master prototype that was hand painted by the artist. It comes with artist COA.

Star Wars Boba Fett full resin casting for Justoys “Bend’Ems” line prototype is in lot 2296. The 1 to 1 brown cast resin 5” full figure with blaster was used to create the molds for the rubber bendy figure. It comes with COA.

Lot 2300 features the Star Wars Princess Leia wax head master sculpt unproduced chess piece prototype. The Lucasfilm Ltd. 3” figure is a one of a kind original unfinished master wax bust with pedestal base. It comes with COA.

Star Wars Chewbacca wax head master sculpt unproduced chess piece prototype is housed in lot 2301. The 1 to 1 figure is a one of a kind original unfinished master wax bust with pedestal on base. It comes with COA.

Lot 2302 is the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, master wax head and unproduced prototype figure. In the lot, collectors will find a one of a kind original master wax 1 to 1 head sculpt with neck on brass rod, 7” resin articulated full figure paint master with unfinished right leg, arm, and unpainted area on back. It comes with COA.

Collectors can look through all of the Tim Bruckner Archives Collection offerings on Hake’s website. Auction #219 is now open for bids and will close on November 15-17, 2016.

In Auction #219, Hake’s Americana is pleased to present the inaugural offerings from “The Tim Bruckner Archives”.

For a fascinating in depth video bio of Tim Bruckner Click Here!

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