The Four Horsemen Give Fans An Update on Mythic Legions And A Package Reveal
October 13, 2016

Earlier this evening the Four Horsemen posted an update on all things Mythic Legions, and there is a lot to report!   Check out all the details below as well as the new package reveal!



You’ve all been incredibly patient over the last few months, and we thank you for that. Your patience is about to pay off… If you’re a fan of Mythic Legions, be prepared. Because the Mythic Legions armies are going to be raiding your homes like a horde of bloodthirsty Orcs over the next few months, leading right up to the Mythic Legions 2.0 Kickstarter!

FIRST, we just got word that our shipment of the following items are finally supposed to hit the Newark docks today, and if they actually do arrive and all goes to plan (please be nice to us, US Customs…), we should be getting the following figures into our warehouse sometime next week. As soon as everything’s here and accounted for, we’ll begin shipping all of those out to those of you who are expecting them.



We’ll be putting any extra stock up on Store Horsemen for sale when the incoming shipment starts going out the door to customers, but we’ll make an announcement about when that sale is going to begin about a week before it happens, and the items ordered at that time won’t begin shipping out until all of the pre-orders for the items listed above have shipped. Be sure to jump on those quickly, because we’ll have a VERY limited stock of most of the items.


SECOND, we also got word from our factory today that the Mythic Legions: Covenant of Shadows, Mythic Legions All-Stars 1.0 and the Mythic Legions: Trolls should be finished and shipping out from the factory to our warehouse in late November. from that pint it usually takes about six weeks to reach the Newark docks here in the US. We were hoping to have those in our warehouse and shipping out to all of you before Christmas, but our recent Paypal debacle kind of screwed that schedule up and slowed things down, but at least it didn’t completely shut us down. Below is a list of the figures that will be in that shipment…

COVENANT OF SHADOWS: Baron Volligar, Gorthokk, Torionn, Cador, Scaphoid, Silverhorn Sentry, Deluxe Knight Legion Builder, Templar Knight Legion Builder.

MYTHIC LEGIONS ALL-STARS 1.0: Sir Ignatius, Sir Gideon Heavensbrand, Orn Steelhide, Asterionn, Skapular the Cryptbreaker, Deluxe Barbarian Builder

TROLLS: Deluxe Stone Troll, Deluxe Forest Troll

As with the Mythic Legions 1.5 shipment, we’ll put any excess figures from this shipment up on Store Horsemen for sale after everything starts shipping out to our pre-order customers, and nothing will actually ship until all of those pre-orders have been sent out.

THIRD, we were considering kicking off the Mythic Legions 2.0 Kickstarter in November, but we know that with all of the Mythic Legions merchandise coming through here and shipping out soon, not only will that put a tremendous strain on us if we try to include the Kickstarter as well, but it’ll put a tremendous burden on your bank account if you’re interested in purchasing anything from the upcoming Mythic Legions shipments. Plus, we know that a lot of you have Christmas to consider too. Therefore we’ve decided that the Mythic Legions 2.0 Kickstarter launch will happen in mid to late January 2017. We’ll come up with a specific date for you in the next week or so. But between now and then, we’re going to be doing at least one Mythic Legions reveal, sneak preview, or tease per week as we build to the highly anticipated Mythic Legions 2.0 Kickstarter launch!

And LAST, to kick off the upcoming Mythic Legions onslaught, here’s our first reveal!! It’s the packaging design for the Mythic Legions: Trolls with new artwork done by the always amazing Nate Baertsch! The box size for the Trolls will be 13″high X 14″wide X 7.5″ deep, and if you notice that there are a few new fellas on there that you haven’t seen before, there’s a reason for that…



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  • Brad says:

    So the way this company works, if stuff arrived today we should receive it sometime in 2018. Also, isn’t this company big enough now to put out figures without a kickstarter? Is this really what it is coming to? Pay us first, and we’ll maybe make the product if enough people pay us.

    • Lee says:

      To answer your first question: No, it’s not a big enough business. Mythic Legions, along with the other in-house lines produced by the Horsemen, is a passion project–both for the makers and the collectors. It has no presence on the shelves of brick-and-mortar stores. It does not compete directly with licensed, larger mass-produced lines of action figures. For collectors wanting relatively instant gratification, there’s Star Wars, DC Superheroes, Marvel Legends, Transformers and the like. Those lines are researched, tested, cross-merchandised and marketed based on a completely different model and are manufactured on a much larger scale by companies with deeper pockets. Mattel doesn’t make money selling ten- or twenty-thousand Batman figures; they profit by selling hundreds of thousands. The Horsemen are catering to a smaller audience and producing individual figures in much smaller numbers, and this line probably doesn’t net them more profit that is necessary to cover the cost of production and pay their small in-house staff. Again, passion project. It’s an indulgence for them and an indulgence for those of us who buy into the line. What we get for our patience are high-quality, relatively low-run figures unavailable anywhere else (apart from a few online retailers who buy in with the rest of us or resale sources like eBay). Further, unlike larger companies, the Horsemen actually listen to their fan base and generate requested designs and take note of desired improvements, revisions and expansion. Part of collecting this line is the experience of watching it develop. And because the Horsemen communicate regularly about the process, it’s also a learning experience for everyone–an entry-level education about the manufacturing process. And while there are snags and delays, they have never failed to deliver my product, and it has never failed to meet the standard they began setting years ago. The Kickstarter model is a great strategy for generating the funds to produce an in-house line with no other presence whatsoever. And to answer your other question: No, this isn’t what collecting is coming to. This model isn’t going to rob you of the option to run down to your nearest retailer and snatch an action figure from the toy aisle. This line isn’t going to bring the larger companies to their knees and force them to adopt the same methods. It’s not meant to. It’s designed to do one thing: Put smiles on the faces of the young at heart. It’s succeeding brilliantly.

      • Brad says:

        Do you really believe that they don’t make any money after they cover production and employee costs. Come on, no one does anything like this for free. They are still a business, and for any business to stay afloat they have to turn a profit. Maybe for you it’s fun watching the process of the product being made, but I didn’t sign up or pay for the “Toy Making Experience”. I bought a bunch of figures that I like and was told they would be out first quarter 2016. It is now 4th quarter 2016 and still no products. Their is a reason Pay-pal dropped them for being high risk, and that’s not because they were doing good business. I am a business owner and could never survive delivering my product 6-8 months late. As for their communication, it’s non-existent. I have sent several E-mails, and messages on social media and have never received an answer. I guess I just hold the companies I spend money with to a higher standard.

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