The Four Horsemen OFFICIALLY Announce Working with Super 7 on MOTU
July 23, 2016

The roll out/announcement of the demise of and the “hand off” of Masters of the Universe to Super 7 has been sloppy and confusing at best.  There has been a LOT of behind the scenes scrambling and trying to figure out what it all means and who will be doing what with all of the parties involved.

Now it looks like some actual conversations are taking place and there is finally some actual news to report on it as CB of the Four Horsemen just posted the following on Facebook:


Now we can say it…

YES! Four Horsemen Toy Design and Super 7 are going to be working together to continue Masters of the Universe Classics. You can all take a deep breath and relax now. Lol. It might take us a bit to get all of our ducks in a row, but we’re all working very hard to make this happen.

As for Thundercats? Four Horsemen and Super 7 are both VERY interested in working together to continue that as well, but those logistics are a little more complicated than MotU Classics. We’re pushing for it to happen, but that’s all we can really reveal for now. Please be patient and we’ll let you know as soon as we have something more solid to announce.


There are still a LOT of details to hammer out what Classics will look like, cost and how many fans will get each year, but for now we can rest easy knowing that something is happening.


Daniel Pickett
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  • Clutch says:

    This is excellent news. MOTUC will be in good hands for as long as the Horsemen are working on them. I really hope that Super7 works out the logistics for the Thundercats line that so many of us signed up for since there are a LOT of disappointed people out there. It’s like the ‘Cats can’t catch a break when it comes to redoing the vintage LJN line. Knowing that there is an actual push to make things happen gives fans some hope for the future.

  • Scott says:

    Yes I need to know about ThunderCats. I subscribed and now the thought of having an incomplete cast has made me very unsure about the whole thing and put me off buying the SDCC Kit and Kat

  • Thomas Wheeler says:

    One line in this has me a little concerned: “There are still a LOT of details to hammer out what Classics will look like, cost and how many fans will get each year…”

    Excuse me — LOOK LIKE??! We already KNOW what they should LOOK LIKE! Let’s not deviate from a winning format, here, people!

    That said, I’m delighted that the Four Horsemen will be continuing their involvement.

    And that said, all I have left to say is — Thundercats Thundercats Thundercats Thundercats Thundercats Thundercats Thundercats Thundercats…

    • Brandon says:

      “There are still a LOT of details to hammer out what Classics will look like, cost and how many fans will get each year” was AFI’s response to what 4H posted. Like the post says, everyone can relax now! Lol

  • Advozekk says:

    Hope they don’t follow Mattel’s subscription model, that was a mistake from the beginning.

  • Frank Z says:

    “classic style is discontinued”, etc. You know what I found weird is their are Star Wars fans who are against 5 POA and highly articulated vs. 5POA. Its the age old argument. Vintage Style Vs. ClassicsStyle and then there’s a3 figure Classics subilne in 3.75″ out in 2022. I always wanted Lodar…

  • rjax says:

    the roll out is fine – it’s the entitled fans that are behaving like the spoiled children they are. Mattycollector made the announcement that they are done and now just going to outsource the whole thing to Super7. Super7 is a tiny toy company that doesn’t have the means or the desire to cater to and answer the asinine questions of rabid fanboys. Their product has always been FAR superior to Matty’s and this is a dream come true for collectors.

    Of course there are pricing and roll-out questions to be answered – frankly Matty should have kept their mouths shut until Brian Flynn and the Horsemen had a little more time to work up their OWN press release.

    I look forward to what Super7 is going to do and I dread listening to the incessant “fan” whining that’s going to come at every turn.

  • demoncat_4 says:

    never thought i would see mattel decide we are done with motu and let some other company have a crack at it plus the four horseman continuing working their magic on the line too good move . wonder if this also means that maybe super seven can try and get the okay to make figures of the classic movie that mattel couldn’t . thunder cats they can’t seem to get a break

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