The Future of DC Infinite Heroes…?
August 18, 2008

No current toyline engenders more mixed feelings in me than Mattel’s DCIH…  So close yet so far…

 But would they be better if they were more like this?



 It’s just a quick custom I did using a 3 3/4" Jakks WWE Figure, but it illustrates an important point.   Mattel’s Infinite Heroes are woefully behind the times.


 They’re nice, fun little figures, but they feel like something from 15 years ago.  If these had hit in 1993 I would probably have thought they were the greatest toys ever.  But today?  For $5 you get a figure that is somewhere between the early Toy Biz Marvel action figures and 1995 Star Wars Power of the Force.

 Now, Mattel knows the figures need to be improved.  Heck, I read in an online Q&A that they plan to improve sculpts and add articulation if the line makes it to 2009.

 So where does that leave us?  We have to support an "almost good enough" line in the hopes that it will survive long enough to improve…  Tough choice…  And risky.

 I actually suspect collectors will support it to a degree.  It’s relatively cheap and has good character selection.  My bigger worry is that if sales don’t perform retailers will abandon the line, and Mattel may have to do a DCSH to DCUC shift, re-branding to make the line viable.

 And with Hasbro’s GI Joe, Star Wars and soon a Marvel line challenging them on the small scale front, I’m not sure a lower retail price will be enough…

 Still, if anything, my simple custom (heck, it’s a straight repaint/kitbash!  Guy’s got wresling boots on, LOL!) reminded me that a small scale, better articulated DC line using current Action figure standards of construction and articulation is a fun thing…

 So, mixed feelings. 

 Is DCIH a great line?           No.            Not yet.

 Will I buy them all.              No.            But I’ll buy some.

 Will it survive long enough to improve?


I don’t know.    But I hope so.



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  • With the recent interview revealing that Mattel intends to improve articulation and tweak the sculpts next year, I take it that they are indeed listening to comments and taking action very early in the line. Of course, I am hardly objective, being an admin for the Miniheroes Zone, a board devoted exclusively to 3 3/4″ superheroes like Infinite Heroes and the upcoming Marvel line.
    The Miniheroes Zone

  • Chris says:

    I’m actually starting to warm up to the Infinite Heroes line but my concern is that this will become just another frustrating line to try to collect. Mattel’s foray into action figures has always seemed to be half-hearted to me. Back when the Star Wars figures first came out, Mattel gave us Battlestar Galactica, with minimal detail and didn’t even bother painting the facial features. It seems this “half hearted” approach is still continuing through terrible distribution, bad paint applications, and apparently no real desire to see any of their action figure lines become a mainstay in the toy isles.

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