The “Good News/Bad News” of Walgreens Recent Star Wars Black Boba Fett Announcement
September 26, 2014

Last week, Mr. Anne, the toy buyer for Walgreens, the man responsible for all the awesome new exclusive action figures that we have been seeing (and waiting to see) at Walgreen’s Pharmacies, took to twitter to give hope to frustrated fans looking for the recently released 6″ Star Wars Black Prototype (white) Boba Fett figure:



SWBWalBobaFett2 SWBWalBobaFett1


So that’s good news, right?   It’s certainly good news for those folks still on the hunt for the white Fett… but the other side of that coin is that Walgreens has also been the first store getting in shipments of the Star Wars Black wave 4 (Darth Vader, Jedi Luke and Chewbacca).   They were shipping with the white Fett.

For those of us that are surrounded by stores that are still choking on SWB wave 2 (Han, Greedo and Slave Leia) Walgreens was the only glimer of hope for finding that new wave, so if the SWB cases switch to straight white Fetts then we might be out of luck, depending on how Walgreen restock system works.

But of course we are talking about over a month from now and a lot can happen between now and then, so I guess I’m going to stay positive and keep hitting my local Walgreens store looking for new Star Wars Black figures!   Overall it’s good news that Walgreens has stepped up to become a player in the collector toy market and that they are listening to the fans and trying to accommodate everyone getting what they are looking for.

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  • Tony says:

    Your real problem here is rotation of stock levels. These items are notoriously under ordered and what inventory does exist tends to linger on the shelves for ages and ages. It’s gonna take some big promotions and or coupons pushes to move the product.

  • Brian says:

    Does walgreens get shipments on Tuesdays? I would check the three stores around me weekly.

  • noam choseed says:

    Comic specialty stores will carry them eventually. They’ll cost a bit more, but there will be less shelf wear.

  • @ Brian store deliveries vary by location. Best to ask when their shipments come in.

  • longbowhunter says:

    Well…if these DO wind up warming pegs,at least we’ll all have tons of Mando custom fodder.

  • noam choseed says:

    There’s a ton of Lukes at my local Walgreens. Shame I really want a Chewie.

  • brett says:

    I have 6 Walgreens in my area and for the past month, have been driving to the stores weekly trying to find them. Each time I go, I have to put at least $10 in gas get to the various stores. Thus, so far, I have technically spent $60 in gas money alone trying to find them with no luck. Each time I went to Walgreens trying to find them, not a single clerk or manager knew what I was talking about when I asked for the proto Fett, Vader or Luke — its like Walgreens went to all this trouble to arrange for the exclusive but didn’t inform their employees that people would be looking for them. Last week, I had enough. After spending over 60 in gas and coming up empty handed, I just broke down and bought them on ebay. I don’t usually like to support the scalpers but in this case it was far easier to buy them on ebay. I paid less than $30 each with shipping and I should have did that from the beginning because buying them on ebay would have saved me the gas money to go there and come up empty handed all those times. PS. for anyone looking for Vader, Luke and Chewie, they are only exclusive at WG until October, after Oct, you can buy them everywhere. So for Walgreens to have them exclusive and get them in November was a waste because people will be able to buy them anywhere before November (except for proto Fett), which will probably be a peg warmer by December. 5000 Fetts in circulation by November seems like overkill and by that time, the die hard fans will have them already.

  • GeekSummit says:

    This was a huge surprise when news broke of these arriving to Walgreens. Of course we knew it was coming but NONE of us had a clue that the Wave 5 (Also known as 2014 Wave 1 here at the end of 2014) was going to be coming with it. This really got people whipped up in a frenzy. I also have found myself on the trail trying to catch these guys at a retail spot and have had some embarrasing losses of time and gas as well.

    The best tip I can give anyone is to use this WIC (Walgreen’s Inventory Control) #361229(Boba) or 352867(Whole Wave 5) . Ask for a manager to look up where in your area has these in stock… They may have it right there and not know it and you can always ask nicely for them to look in the back. (nicely)

    If they show it in stock and don’t want to look ask them to print you a list of what stores you CAN aquire the figure. Once you get to that next store just tell them that you were referred to them because they had it in stock. That usually spurs them to take a look for you. (always check the shelves first so you don’t look like an a$$.)

    All in all Walgreens is a great partnership for collectors. its a small enough store that they can be familiar enough with their products and with something like this hitting their shelves, they will no doubt become VERY familiar with this product and their others.

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