The Mystery of Skeleton Warriors
June 19, 2014

October Toys’ Kickstarter campaign to bring back the fan favorite toyline Skeleton Warriors has, as of this writing, 4 short days to go. They are at 70% of thier $45,000 funding goal to get Baron Dark made.

I’m optimistic that we’ll see a last minute surge (common with Kickstarter) and the evil Baron can enter into production. But, I gotta admit I am a bit stymied as to why this particular campaign has been such slow going.

I’ve seen plenty of discussion online over the years of fans hopeful for a return for this property. While it was short-lived in its original incarnation, it made a lasting impression on kids and collectors alike. There was nothing like it in the mainstream toy world back in the mid-1990s when Playmates first released the toys and the animated series ran on CBS on Saturday morning.

(a moment of silence lamenting the passing of network Saturday morning cartoons, please. Thank you)

So, here we have a potential relaunch of Skeleton Warriors. The figures shown so far look fantastic! That’s a point in their favor. The figures are Glyos-compatible. That’s another plus. There’s a basic skeleton perfect for army builders. That’s another check in the plus column! The Kickstarter campaign has been trumpeted far and wide on action figure sites, horror sites, and more.

But, it is still not funded. And, frankly, that’s left me scratching my head. I thought a line like this would have funded in a day or two. But, here we are with only a few days to go, crossing our fingers.

George and Ayleen Gaspar (aka October Toys) have a real passion for this property and have hopes for the line to go deep…far beyond the characters already made by Playmates Toys. I hope that there is that last minute bump that puts the campaign over the top. I want a 3-3/4″ scale Baron Dark figure, and I really want to see the resurrected line continue on and give fans all-new figures of Prince Lightstar, Grimskull and the never-before-produced Talyn!

The campaign runs through Monday, June 23…so, click on over and pledge! And, spread the word!

October Toys Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter

October Toys website




Jeff Cope
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  • Tragic Habits says:

    Launching around the same time as boss fight can’t have helped. Also, I d think people want joe scale skeletons. 5″ is good for the main baddie, but I’d only want 4″ skeletons.

  • demoncat_4 says:

    not only did the timing of the launch proably hurt them since boss fight might have taken more of the pledges but they also are having to compete with two other campaigns to have figures to be made. but hopefuly skeleton warriors gets another chance

  • Jad Bean says:

    The real question is, why are Skeleton Warriors languishing, while Warpo’s Legends of Cthulhu was funded in three days? I’d point to the incredible job Warpo has done to create vintage-appropriate packaging, coloring books, drink cups, a VHS-era commercial, and even catalog pages. It’s truly a complete retro package. By not including even one picture of a carded figure, the Skeleton Warriors campaign may have shot themselves in their bony foot!

  • GIJOEFAN1976 says:

    My own reasons for at first not backing the skeleton warriors are I am not really a fan of just skeletons. I feel the designs of the figures are lacking. No fault to the October toys since that’s how they were created in the cartoon. Just my opinion Skeletor’s character design has more to him than just being a skeleton. I also have to say yes having this more limited toy line as in not have many accessories, and not having other non skeleton figure prototypes, etc coming on kickstarter at the same time as Marauders Figures made funds Low on my end.

Reply to Jad Bean