The Transformers Masterpiece Sideswipe Euphorium
November 12, 2012

So those who know me know that I have a profound love of Transformers.  It’s one of my main focuses in collecting.  The arrival of a new Masterpiece Transformer is a very special day in my household.  To be fair, I have a love/hate relationship with them.  Sometimes they’re absolutely brilliant.  Grimlock, MP-10 Optimus Prime, Megatron.  Genious.  Then there are the ones that test the limits of my patience.  First issue Starscream (what were they thinking?), Rodimus Prime (absolute disaster).  You get my point.

Sideswipe (Lambor for those of you who don’t know) was my very first Transformer, and my very favorite of the original G1 Autobots.  Without going in to the trappings of a long back story, I was both excited and anxious when he and his mold-mate Red Alert were announced.  Would he be everything I’d hoped?  Would it suck?  I’m happy to report he falls in the category of the former.  Big Time.

Before we get in too deep with the pics, I’d like to thank Toy Arena, the online store where I got mine from.  They have a great web store, and sweet booth at the Frank & Sons show in Los Angeles.  Whenever I visit, I never seem to be able to get away from their booth without buying something cool.

Sideswipe has been remade before.  He was released as a Dodge Viper in the Binaltech/Alternators line, and in the Universe/Classics line, as a makeshift Gallardo.  Neither were very acceptable, in my opinion.  Both failed to capture enough of the feel of the character.  Plus neither featured the cool Lamborghini Countach alt mode that I grew up with.  Masterpiece Sideswipe has none of those issues.  The car mode is actually licensed from Lamborgini, and the detailing is everything I remember him to be.


By comparison, Sideswipe blows all previous versions of him away.  He also is fully compatible with the MP-10 Optimus Prime as well.  In case you missed the import (shame on you), he is also available now in a slightly different color scheme as a Toys R Us exclusive.  He fits perfectly inside the trailer for transport as shown.

One thing I feel compelled to point out is that while the Masterpiece Transformers are very sweet overall, some of them are so complicated to transform (*cough Megatron cough Rodimous cough*), that they cease being fun.  Sideswipe is a joy to transform.  Everything fits where is should.  Noting too tedious, just complex enough to hide certain panels and kibble, enough to make him like, well, Sideswipe.

Sideswipe also includes his trademark piledrivers, which plug in easily by rotating his hands back inside the door cavity.  As you can see in the pics, he’s got all the articulation you need.  The joints are nice and tight, and he holds even the most extreme poses without additional support.

Here’s Masterpiece Sideswipe shown next to past incarnations, including the G1 version.  I think you’ll agree he represents the character quite nicely!

It’s undetermined at this time if Sideswipe will receive the Hasbro treatment and see US release in the future.  I’ve heard rumblings from my sources that there may be an issue with the Lamborghini licensing in the states.  I decided not to even chance it, or wait a year plus, and got mine now.  I can report that I’m 100% satisfied with him, and I can’t wait for Red Alert, who should be out in time for Christmas!  Thanks for looking, this is Captain collector, signing off ’till all are one!


Steve "Captain Collector" Ceragioli
A veteran member of the toy journalism community for well over a decade, Steve "Captain Collector" Ceragioli has written for sites like AFT, AF Hub, and Action Figure Insider. Steve moonlights a a professional model & prototype painter in his spare time, which unfortunately he has very little of! Steve collects many of today's toy lines, and he has a massive vintage & modern toy collection.
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  • demoncat says:

    have to admit sideswipe looks like his original self.and if nothing else they can repaint him to be sunstreaker his twin later on down the road. and also have heard rumors that maybe the reason hasbro may not be able to import him is due to the cost of getting the lamborghini licensing okayed . would love to see them do every g1 transformer like that

  • you_will_forget says:

    I had to cancel my pre-order due to funding issues 🙁

    I was also a little concerned about size, as I display my Masterpieces with my Binaltech, but it looks like they took that into account.

    I know what I’ll be trying to locate at a sensible price after Christmas now.


  • Captain Collector says:

    I’d love a Sunstreaker as well, but for me his transformation is do different that I’d like a new mold. I’d think its more likely we’ll see Prowl first, because he can be repainted as Silverstreak and Smokescreen. At least the upcoming Red Alert does have some minor mold changes.

  • antonio says:

    Love this toy. LOVE it. If they had done all the masterpiece tfs like this, I would own so many more.

    Fingers crossed for a black G2 version, then a Silverstreak mold, as you say.

  • Captain Collector says:

    Antonio, you are so right! They could easily get away with (more of my $) doing a black G2 version

  • StrangePlanet says:

    Nice overview. I’mhappy that Masterpieces seem to be coming out more frequently than 1 a year, and they really do seem to be getting good. The Starscream fix alone points to making better and better product. Lambor here looks like a nice new entry and I hope they make some more of the car warriors. Love to see a Wheeljack done like this.

  • Juan says:

    Hi i´m pretty interested in buy this masterpiece, but i heard something about the tires, some people mentioned they r plastic not rubber…! Could u confirm or refuse this notice?


  • emlit says:

    Please let us know if there is any update on a US Masterpiece release!

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