threeA toys 2012 3AA Club Membership – signup tonight!
January 12, 2012

For those interested, the signup for the threeA toys 3AA Club Membership is tonight – 9am Hong Kong, which is 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific time…all details below…

3AA 2012 goes onsale 13th Jan at 9-00am HONG KONG TIME AND DATE, the sale will last 24 hours and the opportunity to join 3AA will not come around till the same time next year!

3AA 2012 costs $180USD, the member pack consists of 15% discount to any product purchased directly from 3A via Bambaland or conventions etc for the period of 12 months ( under the account name the 3AA 2012 was purchased ), 3AA messenger bag, 3AA baseball cap ( regular size ), membership card and the exclusive Adventure Kartel 1/6th figure F-LEGION.

**The small print which isn’t that small**

*3AA 2012 is not transferable, if it is resold it becomes null.

*The 3AA discount will be applied online at the Bambalandstore to the account under which 3AA was purchased.

*3AA 2012 members are guaranteed access to purchase one ( more if applicable ) standard release and 3AA exclusive releases for the period of the 2012 membership. Standard sales does not cover special sales of limited nature, Ashley Wood 1:1 editions or 3A publications.

*3AA exclusive toys will not be offered outside of 2012 3AA members

*One 3AA membership per account and delivery address.

Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
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