Throw me the Idol! An Indy Relic Checklist
April 28, 2008

One of the neat features in the new Hasbro Indiana Jones 3 3/4" figures are the little fictional and historial relics that come packed with each figure. Below is a checklist of which relic comes with what figure.

Here’s the current list of the relics (provided by Hasbro)- not all of them have figures accounted for them however.

Relics that are in the film, and have historical reference
Shankara Stone – German Soldier (w1)
Ankh of Osiris – Russian Soldier (w2)
Crystal Skull – Irina Spalko (w2)
Holy Grail – Dr. Henry Jones (w3)
Eye of Horus  – TBD
Anubis Statue – TBD
Aztec Sun Dial – TBD
Fertility idol – Belloq (w1)

Relics featured in the films, and have no historical reference
Headpiece of the staff of Ra – Marion Ravenwood (w1)
Grail Tablet – Indiana Jones (whip cracking) (w1)
Chachapoyan Temple Carving- Indiana Jones (w1)
Temple of Doom Medallion  – TBD
Cross of Coronado – Young Indy (w3)
Chalice of Kali – Colonel Dovchenko (w2)
False Grail – Dr. Elsa Schneider (w3)
Knight’s Shield – Grail Knight (w3)
Nurhache’s Urn – Monkey Man (w1)

Relics not featured in the films, and have historical reference
Easter Island Head  – TBD
Terracotta Warrior Statue – Cario Swordsman (w1)
Terracotta Horse – Sallah (w1)
Spear of Destiny – Mutt Williams (w/Jacket) (w2)
Battle axe of Leif Ericson – Colonel Vogel (w3)

Relics not featured in the films, and have no historical reference
Ancient Arrowhead – Ugha Warrior (w2)
Dagger of Atreus – Indiana Jones (RPG) (w2)
Peacock Diamond – Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull) (w2)
Grecian Funerary Mask – Cemetary Warrior (w2)
Chinese Lion  – TBD
Chinese Dragon  – TBD
Spartan Helmet – TBD
African Mask – Indiana Jones (Castle Brunwald) (w3)

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