Todd McFarlane Invites Fans to Pick A Figure For ‘The Walking Dead’ Wave 9
February 5, 2015

Right now, over on, McFarlane Toys is holding a poll for fans to vote for a figure that will appear in wave 9 of their TV based ‘The Walking Dead’ action figure line.   You can vote for characters like Beth, T-Dog, Rosita and Father Gabriel.

See below for the details and link to cast your vote:


THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to pick one of our NEXT TOY FIGURES !!!!!! So you can be a CEO for a minute….and make crucial decisions as a toy maven!!

Every time I post something about our The Walking Dead toys…. I get a LOT of requests to make a certain character….. so here is YOUR CHANCE to give us your input!!

We are in the process of figuring out our line-up for The Walking Dead Series 9…. and I thought that I should open it up to YOU, the fans!!!!!

Click this link to leave your vote:

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    • Victor Vazquez says:

      I wanted to see Rosita in an action figure only because she is so fine on camera and in the comics plus she is still one of the only survival crew members still alive and they should make her with the army hat and shorts ak47 and knife , pistol and the works they should also do an upgraded version of her in plain clothes when she was in Alexandria kicking ass and looking good doing it.They should also do Shane Walsh the right way not half ass just changed the head I mean fans want a black shirt,with cargo pants and gun holster 16 points of articulation and with a pistol and knife and supply bag when he was running through the halls of that school , when he went on the run to the school with out the hat and not shaved head when he was still Shane and Major Bad ass man . That was a trade mark look for him with those grey cargos and stuff. And definaetly Beth man when Daryl was training her that was Beth at her Best.I know its a lot but belive me people would buy it. This is coming from a true fan that collects all the figures and comics and watches the show religiously . thanks Victor Vazquez

  • Sam Creed says:

    I know there was already a season three Glenn action figure, but to see an Atlanta Camp season 1 figure, in my opinion seems very cool. He could come with a walkee talkee, a pistol, and his baseball cap. Also, they could make a Rick Grimes in the bloody walker guts suit, (same with Glenn). I’d also LOVE to see a Beth or a T-Dog action figure. That would be nice.

  • David says:

    I think you should make a beth she was a favorite amongst fans and now that she’s gone people like myself are gonna want to have it.

  • Trev says:

    Honestly I want a season 5 Glenn. I want a season 5 Daryl. Season 4 Governor. Season 2 Shane, also a zombie version of him. Season 5 Rick Alexandria cop with Judith. Lastly I would want a Deanna she seemed cool.

  • Trey says:

    I want to see a Beth figure, have her come with an interchangeable arm so you can her with a cast and without, the scissors and baby Judith. Tyreese with an interchangeable arm as well so he can be bitten or not, Judith’s carrier and his hammer of course. Also a Lizzie and Mika set

  • Adam says:

    Please, we need Theodre Douglas from season 2. He lasted three seasons, played a core part in the group, and deserves his own action figure, again: T- Dog, season 2

  • Lukas says:

    I know you guys have the lineup for series 9 already but I’m just going to give you my thoughts anyways. I would like to see a Lori figure that comes with a baby Judith or a Lori figure who is pregnant. Or maybe it could be a Lori who isn’t pregnant and it comes with a baby Judith but in the package it also comes with an add on stomach that can make Lori pregnant so she can either be pregnant or not be pregnant. Then also I would like to see a new Shane Walsh figure becasue the one that is out now in my opinion isn’t all that good becasue he has only one stance where he is pointing his gun whereas the other figures you can move their arms and legs usually. A Gabriel figure would be cool to have with his priest outfit on. A Sophie Peletier would also be cool with her teddy bear. Other figures who I would want would be Rosita, Tara, Sasha, Deanna and her husband, Pete and his death scene, maybe one of the Wolve people (just to put a bad guy in there), and Jessie. Also a Ron figure becasue I would like to see more kid action figures like Carl.

    Also, I’m just giving my opinion but I don’t think you should make any more action figures that have already been made a few times. Because people want to see new action figures like the ones I just gave above and Mcfarlane keeps on making the same characters like Rick, Daryl, and Michonne. Daryl has already been made like three times in different series. Michonne will have three characters but with different clothing coming up as of series 9. And Rick has had a lot of different ones also at least 5 or 6 I think. I’m not saying there bad figures but people just want to see new characters being made. I collect all of the characters but not ALL of TWD figures becasue I don’t want like three michonnes in my collection and like five Ricks. I want new characters added to my collection. I have two michonnes in my collection right now but I’m probably not going to buy the Series 9 one when it comes out. I have the Series 6 Rick in my collection and I might buy the Series 8 one and the one with the police outfit, Series 8.5 I think Walgreens exclusive figure, (just because it would be cool to have a police outfit Rick figure) but that’s all I would really buy of the Rick figures. However if a character does die like Tyreese did they and they already have a figure out they should get another figure made depicting there death scene like Tyreese might be made like that. But that’s my opinion and I just like to see new figures being made and not the same ones over and over.

  • Jaik says:

    I would really like a Andrea figure with her hair down and with a different shirt and accessories. Than I would second want a lori with a encghangeable belly. And a Amy zombie

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