Top 5 Action Figures of 2013 by Cesar Zamora
January 9, 2014


2013 is over and done with but looking back it was a pretty great year for action figures. I got a ton of figures last year so it was hard to narrow it down but if you will, I bring you my Top 5…

5. Tony Stark (Iron Man 3: Hall of Armors – Amazon Exclusive) Hasbro


This figure is on the list for two reasons. One: it was a very anticipated figure for me, I’ve always wanted a RDJ Tony Stark figure and was bummed the Iron Man 2 version never got a mass release. Two: He’s really two figures in one.


It’s a pretty decent sculpt and fits in perfectly with my Marvel collection, ’nuff said.

4. Shredder #2 (Removable Helmet Version) Playmates


Playmates has been killing it with their new TMNT line, I’m not collecting the entire line but everything they release is really awesome. This has to be my second favorite figure in the line after the first release Donatello.


Great head sculpt and paint job, worthy addition to any Turtles collection.

3. Solomon Grundy (Injustice 2 Pack) DC Collectibles

20140109_123301 20140109_123330

This was a figure that was hard to track down. I never saw him at my LCS and had coveted him since he was first announced. I finally found him at Barnes & Noble the day after Christmas, so he was my last figure purchase of the year and clearly so good that he made the list.


Great sculpt and design, the only downside is that we don’t have enough DC figures in this scale that match up to his awesomeness.

2. Batman: Dark Knight Returns (Batman Unlimited) Mattel


This is a figure that I was very excited for and I have only a handful of 6 inch figures. I generally collect the smaller scale figures but every now and then something comes along that gets my attention, this figure definitely fits the bill. He’s much better than the DC Direct version from several years back, which I could just never pull the trigger on (and I’m glad for that).


Since I never collected it, I don’t really lament the end of DC Universe Classics, but a figure like this does make me sad for what could have been…

1. Boba Fett (Star Wars Black 6 inch) Hasbro

20140109_123906 20140109_124300

So remember when I said I don’t really collect 6 inch figures? Yeah, I couldn’t resist this guy. He’s so freaking cool. He looks great, moves great, comes with great accessories, and is just so cool. I love Star Wars figures and it’ll be very difficult to pick and choose on this line. They all look pretty sweet. So far Boba is the only figure that I’ve picked up in the line, fingers crossed I can restrain myself.

20140109_124432 20140109_124525

So those are my picks, agree or disagree? What are your picks? Happy New Year!


Cesar Zamora
Born and raised in El Paso, TX. I grew up collecting and displaying toys. My love for action figures has only been strengthened by the fact that the internet provides a community to share that love with. I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA freelance writing and buying too many toys.
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  • StrangePlanet says:

    Nice Picks!
    I do 6-inch scale so I never saw the smaller figs on your list, but they do look pretty sweet, particularly Grundy.
    Here’s mine:

    Star Wars Black 6 inch Boba Fett
    Just like you, I was pretty amazed by how cool that toy is. I adore it. Those weathering effects came out pretty good, too.

    MP-14 Takara Masterpiece Soundwave
    This thing is like a dream come true. It’s perfect, with the alt mode tape player being spot on and the robot being really posable and very expressive. Comes with an amazing Laserbeak too, and since he can hold 3 cassettes in his chest, splurge for the Rumble and Ravage set and you are golden. (or get the Hasbro release TRU exclusive for all 5 cassettes)

    S.H. Figuarts movie War Machine
    I really thought that Hasbro’s Wal-mart exclusive 6 inch War Machine was one of the best toys they’ve ever made, despite flaws, but the S.H. Figuarts one just blows it away in every way.

    D-Arts MewTwo
    I have no interest in Pokemon, but this toy is very cool in its design and stunning in its articulation. D-Arts has made some of my fave Rockman figures and this little gem is right up there in awesomeness.

    NECA Warrior Alien
    I like their Predator stuff too, but the Alien has some great posability and really came out top notch.

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