Manufacturer: Mattel

Release Date:  December 15th, 2011

Wave/Assortment: Online Exclusive/December 2011 Club Eternia Figure

Packaging: Single boxed


  • Sword
  • Mace/morning star
  • Alternate skull head with helmet
  • Alfredo Alcala Skeletor head

Scale: 6"

Sculpted By: The Four Horsemen

Notes:  This figure is based on the original Mark Taylor concept art for Skeletor.  In hindsight we can see that many of the sketches features ended up being incorporated into Beast-Man, but within the new story line of MOTUC Demo-Man was fused with Keldor by Hordak to become Skeletor.  

There is a lot to love about this character – he’s the other side of the coin to Vikor, who was based on the original He-Man sketch, he’s bright, vibrant and neon green.  he features a lot of new parts, he has great accessories and even better extras.  Mattel and the Four Horsemen really pulled out all the stops on this figure.  They even went so far as to sculpt the little tuft of hair on his left shoulder that is seen in the original sketch.  The figure also come with the jaw-less barbarian skull head that is seen in the original sketch.   They also made it possible for you to snap it onto a neck peg of a MOTUC figure.   I’m not sure who you would use that for.  Because there is no lower jaw that head sits really low and not very natural looking, but I give Mattel points for making it more than just decorative.

 The other big draw for this figure is that he comes with a Skeletor head based on the vintage comic book work of Alfredo Alcala.  This is an extra many MOTU fans have been waiting 30 years for, and when it’s in place it makes your Skeltor figure so much more gruesome and unsettling. 


l Mailer Box Front Mailer Box Back

MOTUC Demo-Man Card FrontMOTUC Demo-Man Card BackMOTUC Demo-Man Loose

MOTUC Demo-Man bio


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