Manufacturer: Mattel

Release Date: Spring 2009

Wave/Assortment: Spring 2009 Fan Collection Wave 1

Packaging: Single carded

Accessories: Ankh

Scale: 4"

Sculpted By: Mattel’s In House Team

Notes: This is a re-release of  the Doctor Fate Figure in show accurate colors and paint job.  Target Exclusive



JLU Dr. Fate Carded Front JLU Dr. Fate Carded BackJLU Dr. Fate Bio


JLU Dr. Fate (II) Front JLU Dr. Fate (II) SideJLU Dr. Fate (II) Back

JLU Dr. Fate (II) Face JLU Dr. Fate (II) Ankh Accessory

Comparison between first release and new release

First and Second Release of Dr. Fate Neck Detail


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