Manufacturer: Mattel

Release Date: September 15th, 2010

Wave/Assortment: Figure Exclusive

Packaging: Single boxed


  • Sword of Saz
  • ancestral shield

Scale: 6"

Sculpted By: The Four Horsemen

Notes: Here’s a rare opportunity to own a 200X character, re-imagined in masterful MOTUC style by the Four Horsemen. Fully articulated and armed for combat with the Sword of Saz and his ancestral shield, Chief Carnivus™ creates a formidable trio of warrior leaders when standing side-by-side with Stratos® and King Randor™.

Real Name: Carnivus Fervelius III™

Leader of a race of Eternian cat warriors called Qadians™, Carnivus™ keeps his people safe high in the village of Felis Qadi™. For many years, the Qadians™ kept a neutral stance, preferring not to get involved in the affairs of other tribes. But with the rise of Skeletor® and the subsequent release of the Snake Men™ and the Horde from their interdimensional prisons, Carnivus™ agreed to re-evaluate his core principles and joined the struggle for freedom, allying himself and his people with King Randor’s new Eternian Council. Carnivus™ uses his feline agility and great courage to fight against evil.


Mailer Box MOTUC Chief Carnivus Card FrontMOTUC Chief Carnivus Card back

MOTUC Chief Carnivus Bio

MOTUC Chief Carnivus Front MOTUC Chief Carnivus SideMOTUC Chief Carnivus Back

Chief Carnivus Face MOTUC Chief Carnivus


MOTUC Chief Carnivus Accessories 

Sword of Saz 


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