MOTUC King Grayskull 2 

Manufacturer: Mattel

Release Date: November 15th, 2010

Wave/Assortment: Figure Exclusive

Packaging: Single boxed


  • Orb of Power
  •  “energy transfusing” sword 
  • Split sword of power
  • Removable cape and armor

Scale: 6"

Sculpted By: The Four Horsemen

Notes: This is the November 2010 Quarterly Bonus Figure. The is the 2nd release of King Grayskull.   He was the original figure in theMOTUC line and the original release was an SDCC exclusive that came in a special Castle Grayskull box.   The original release had blonder hair and a brown cape.  This release has a red cape that is flocked at the top.

If you missed Mattel’s first King Grayskull™ figure when he was initially offered at San Diego Comic Con in 2008, here’s your chance to complete your collection! The good king and his accessories are updated with new deco, including first-ever male and female halves of the silver power sword that can be pulled apart once joined together! (Fun Fact: Going back to the vintage line, heroic warriors have always come with the male half of the sword. This is the first time that both halves have been issued in heroic colors.) For his second outing, King Grayskull™ arrives with the totally new Orb of Power, plus an “energy transfusing” sword. He’s fully repainted, has a flocked cape, and unlike the original San Diego Comic-Con figure, now sports a removable head and armor.


MOTUC King Grayskull 2 Mailer Box MOTUC King Grayskull Carded FrontMOTUC King Grayskull 2 Card Back

MOTUC King Grayskull 2  Bio

MOTUC King Grayskull 2 Sword SplitMOTUC King Grayskull 2 Loose



MOTUC King Grayskull 2 Front MOTUC King Grayskull 2 SideMOTUC King Grayskull 2 Back

MOTUC King Grayskull 2 Front No CapeMOTUC King Grayskull 2 Back No Cape

MOTUC King Grayskull 2 Face


MOTUC King Grayskull 2 Weapons 


 Guariands of the Sword of He - aka

 MOTUC King Grayskull 2 He Man Comparison


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