Manufacturer: Mattel

Release Date: May 17, 2010

Wave/Assortment: Figure Exclusive

Packaging: Single Carded


  • Removable armor
  • Warrior Smasher

Scale: 6"

Sculpted By: The Four Horsemen

Notes:  Sold only in Europe in the 1980s, fallen champion Tytus™ is available worldwide for the first time at! As befits the Heroic Giant Warlord, this stunning figure is the largest Masters of the Universe® Classics figure to date. Standing over 12” tall and featuring full articulation with fantastic sculpting detail by the Four Horsemen, he comes with a club that can actually pick up other MOTUC figures!

This new version has bumps molded to the inside sockets of the shoulder joint so that the arm that holds the "warrior smasher"/floor buffer thing will hold it’s position.


Mailer Box Mailer Box Comparison

MOTUC Tytus Box FrontMOTUC Tytus Box Comp

MOTUC Tytus Box BackMOTUC Tytus Box Loose

MOTUC Tytus BioMOTUC Tytus Original Artwork



MOTUC Tytus Front MOTUC Tytus SideMOTUC Tytus Back

MOTUC Tytus FaceMOTUC Tytus Chest Armor




MOTUC Tytus Size Comparison with He-Man MOTUC Tytus Comparison with DCUC Giants of Justice Flash

Trap Jaw takes a pounding






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