Manufacturer: Mattel

Release Date: Jan 2011 (Club Eternia Figure)

Wave/Assortment: Figure Exclusive

Packaging: Single boxed


  • Battle Axe
  • Shield 
  • Sword
  • Removable Cape

Scale: 6"

Sculpted By: The Four Horsemen

Notes: Has real metal chains on the shackles.  This character was based on the original concept sketch for He-Man.  Originally supposed to be the February Club Eternia figure.

It was originally planned that Vikor would come with half of a blue power sword (as seen at SDCC 10) but that was cut during production due to cost.   The word from Mattel is"  We wanted to include a half power sword in the same color as the full blue sword from Weapons Pak 1, but by the time we tried to add this it was too late and the costs were locked in.

The Blue Sword from the Pak is still intended for him, and we’ll try to find a way to do the half blue sword one day in the future. But alas it won’t come with Vikor."


 MOTUC Vikor Carded FrontMOTUC Vikor  Carded BackMOTUC Vikor Loose

MOTUC Vikor Bio

SDCC 2010 Vikor Slide MOTUC Vikor Slide 


MOTUC Vikor Front MOTUC Vikor sideMOTUC Vikor Back

MOTUC Vikor capelessMOTUC Vikor capeless back

MOTUC Vikor FaceMOTUC Vikor


MOTUC Vikor Accessories 


MOTUC Vikor/He-Man comparison 




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