Manufacturer: Mattel

Release Date: July 23rd-26th 2009

Wave/Assortment:2009 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Packaging: 3-pack-Resealable

Accessories: None

Scale: 4"

Sculpted By: Mattel’s in House Team

Notes: Swapable Heads


The Packaging

Package Front 

Package OpenPackage Closed

Green Lantern Bios


Green Lantern Set Loose 

Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan Front Hal Jordan SideHal Jordan Back

Hal Jordan Face

Abin Sur

Abin Sur Front Abin Sur SideAbin Sur Back

Abin Sur Face Hal Head on GL Body 1Sinestro Head on GL Body 1


Sinestro Front Sinestro SideSinestro Back

Sinestro FaceAbin Sur Head on GL2 BodyHal Head on GL Body 2

Neck Peg

Neck Peg Neck Peg and heads

Green Lantern Corps…so far.

JLU Green Lantern Corps 

 Custom Holiday Hal


Not to rub salt in any wounds but just to give a comparison to those that are interested…


SDCC Hal with Holiday Hal SDCC Hal with Holiday Hal

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