Manufacturer: BifBangPow!

Release Date: Summer 2008

Assortment: Series 1 – Limited Edition Comic Con 2008 Exclusive

Packaging: Boxed

Accessories: None

Scale: 7"

Notes: Says eight phrases from the movie.


The Dude - Front The Dude - SideThe Dude - back

Face, close up 

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Click more for the Phrases – Not Safe For Work



"I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening"

"Careful man! There’s a beverage here"

"Oh f&^k me, man"

"He peed on my rug!!"

"Nobody calls me Lebowski.  You’ve got the wrong guy.  I’m The Dude, man"

"Oh, the usual… bowl, drive around, maybe the occasional acid flashback."

"OW!  f ^%king fascists!"

"If my ex-wife asked me to keep her dog while she and her new husband went on vacation I’d tell her to go f@^k herself"


And as an added bonus:  Here’s Daniel/Julius AS the Dude Bobblehead for Halloween 08


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