Manufacturer: Mattel

Release Date: May16th, 2011

Wave/Assortment: On-line Exclusive

Packaging: Single Boxed

Accessories: None

Scale: 5.5"

Sculpted By: Mattel’s In House Team

Notes:  "When we say these figures are gonna be big… we mean BIG! Keeping true to scale, the film-accurate Green Man figure stands at an impressive 7"! This amphibious Green Lantern warrior from Uxor is practically busting out of his window box packaging, and is fully-articulated and highly detailed. Go green or go home!"

There will be 12 figures in the Green Lantern Movie Masters Line. Two will be Hal Jordan (masked and unmasked). You will need 11 of the figures to make Parallax (maskless Hal comes with a die cast ring in lieu of a Collect and Connect piece).

The first 6 figures in the mainline are: Hal Jordan,  Rot Lop Fan,  Tomar Re, Neutkeloi, Sinestro and Ismot Kol.

Mattel recently revealed the upcoming Hector Hammond figure at Wonder Con! He will be in the mainline later in the year.

Additionally there is a movie master preview G’hu figure in the second wave of GL Classics and a series of oversized figures in scale to the 6" line starting with Green Man and later on Kilowog.

There will also be 4 TRU exclusive Two-Packs. Abin Sur will be the only exclusive figure to these packs, the others will be re-decos and reissues. 


Mailer Box Box Front

box sidebox backGreen Man Bio


Green Lantern Movie Masters Green Man Front Green Lantern Movie Masters Green Man SideGreen Lantern Movie Masters Green Man Back

Green Lantern Movie Masters Green Man RingGreen Lantern Movie Masters Green Man Foot


Green Lantern Movie Masters 


Batman/Dark Knight and Green Lantern Movie Masters


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