Manufacturer: Mattel

Release Date: November 17th , 2011

Wave/Assortment: exclusive

Packaging: 7-pack (in a 6-pack style box)

Accessories:2 stands

Scale: 4"

Sculpted By: Mattel’s In-House Team

Packaging by: Frank Varela

Notes:  This boxed set includes Crimson Avenger, Creeper, Gypsy, Doctor Midnight, Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt and Speedy.  These seven characters are the final 7 card-carrying members of the Justice League in the show that Mattel had not made figures of.

Back in August I told you about seeing an early sample of the JLU 7-figure boxed set, and described the box and the changes to the decos from what we saw at comic con.  Now I have a sample of the set in hand so you can see it for yourself.

As of this writing, this boxed set is the last JLU product that Mattel has scheduled to offer.  They have said that if this set sells well then we might see the remaining 3-packs they announced at Toy Fair.  I would think this set should do well as it is the first time we have gotten this many unique figures in one set with no re-releases.   There are also some great new parts for customizers in this set such as a new body in a suit and female bare feet.   I’ve collected this line from the start and would love to see it continue, but with the numbers JLU has been selling on line the fate of those last figures does not look good…

As I mentioned in the August article about this set there maybe one character in the line up of heroes that wrap around the box that fans don’t recognize.   That’s Mattel package designer Frank Varela who has worked on the JLU packaging from the beginning of the line.   Can you spot him?


Box Front 





JLU Crimson Avenger Front JLU Crimson Avenger Side

JLU Crimson Avenger Face


JLU Creeper Front JLU Creeper SideJLU Creeper Back

JLU Creeper Face 


JLU Doctor Midnight Front JLU Doctor Midnight SideJLU Doctor Midnight Back

JLU Doctor Midnight Face 


JLU Gypsy Front JLU Gypsy SideJLU Gypsy Back

JLU Gypsy Face 


JLU Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt 

JLU Johnny Thunder Front JLU Johnny Thunder SideJLU Johnny Thunder Back

JLU Johnny Thunder Face 


JLU Speedy Front JLU Speedy SideJLU Speedy Back

 JLU Speedy Face


JLU Final 7-pack 

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