Manufacturer: Mattel

Release Date: March 15th, 2010

Wave/Assortment:  Club Eternia® Figure of the Month, March 2011

Packaging: Single boxed


  • shield of Ka.
  • magic snake staff
  • interchangeable articulated snake form

Scale: 6"

Sculpted By: The Four Horsemen

Notes:  Once a snake, not always a snake… when provoked, this wretched reptile reveals himself to be an entire mass of them! Our fully articulated Dreadful Disguised Leader of the Evil Snake Men™ is armed and ready to strike with his shield of Ka. He also comes with a magic snake staff and interchangeable articulated snake form torso to complete his serpent-like transformation.



Mailer Box MOTUC King Hssss Carded FrontMOTUC King Hssss Card Back

MOTUC King Hssss LooseMattel's announcement slide
MOTUC King Hssss Bio


MOTUC King Hssss FrontMOTUC King Hssss SideMOTUC King Hssss Back

MOTUC King Hssss FaceMOTUC King Hssss torso detail


MOTUC King Hssss Snake Form Front MOTUC King Hssss Snake Form SideMOTUC King Hssss Snake Form Face


MOTUC King Hssss Accessories MOTUC King Hssss Parts

It’s Fun To Stay at the Y.M.C.A….


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