Toy Guru Teases One Last Surprise for DCSC…
November 3, 2013


While I was at the Mattel booth yesterday at Comikaze 2013 I was talking to Scott aka Toy Guru and he gave me a little hint that we might still be getting one last unannounced surprise for fans of DCUC and the DC Signature Classics line.

After the panel he said to me:

I’m really excited about the quarterly DCUC releases and I’m so glad we had 4 figures far enough along to have a full year “program” (and no sub needed, all are day of).

While this is definitely the “swan song” for DCUC Signature series, we couldn’t let the line go out without something special. And no I am not talking about Unleashed Doomsday, (to avoid rumors) but we do have a little special goodbye gift for the line (and the fans). I can’t say more now, but hopefully some news at New York Toy Fair. And that is definitely a wrap for 6″ 4HM! One last harrah before the curtain drops. Take a look at our booth for what we might have in mind!

Very mysterious!   He didn’t tell me what this last “hurrah” might be.   You can see our pictures of the Mattel booth here in our Comikaze 2013 gallery.   Maybe you can suss out what the hint/clue might be.  Let the guessing begin!

Daniel Pickett
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  • Kutaybah sais says:

    I hope it’s miss Martian and speedy. I wish they bring tempest, atomic skull, lagoon boy, or static shock.

  • Antonio says:

    Something to do with the Superpowers line. One of the unproduced figs. Maybe a Mr. Mxyzptlk? Packed in with a forthcoming fig or when you order one of the Total Heroes?

  • Todd says:

    Playing games and NOT giving fans what they want (The Unleashed Doomsday comment) is exactly why this line faces the fate it’s facing…Good to see they’ve learned nothing….

  • Baltazar to says:

    The figure of Clark Kent has a little “older stock” card in front of it. If this is it, how much will they charge for this?

  • Brandon says:

    I’d say it’s something Super Powers for sure. Given we got SP versions of Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Mantis, Parademon, and Steppenwolf, I’d say a SP Kalibak maybe. Or they could have 4H take a crack at one of the unproduced 4th wave like Shockwave (an actual DC character) or Silicon or Quadrex. I’d love to see what the Horsemen could do!

  • Janmugar prime says:

    i recall back in the early 2YK´s, when the MATTEL´s DCUC line began with only the Batman family related and later the Superman family was approached, and due to the ABSOLUTE SUCCESS of those first approaches, the whole DCU was next.
    What does the standard collector like when he/she purchase a Superhero figure/item?
    1.- The integration of a good proportioned human body sculpt aesthetics with several points of articulation: Those are IMO the main attraction to ANY collector EVER! If your products lacks any of these today ’cause it has become THE standard, then you are out mister! AND the 4H developed the best male body sculpt combination to date (the female goes to Hasbro), in comparison to the HASBRO (and once TOY-BIZ) MARVEL LEGENDS, their main competitors at that time.
    2.- Bonus items: It was cool when MATTEL first added bonuses like comic posters, the fold-out dioramas, the CLASSIC free comic books, and later the CNC piece( it was the best/ or worst promotion depending in your POV), being the last two which I consider should be BY THE BOOK the bonuses for these type of collectible toys.
    3.- The package: As we all know and care, the Package (the blister, box or the classic illustrated original art-card) is very appealing to ANY collector, and to my sadness, since day ONE, the line never got something to liking it. Maybe if there were a more appealing to those old days of the SUPER POWERS glory, well, maybe we could be talking about something, but that was not the case. This line missed the train since the beginning.
    4.- The Price point and availability of the product AT RETAIL: the most important law, OFFER VERSUS DEMAND, Besides the domestic releases…Where was the INTERNATIONAL MARKETING plan for this product line?, and how much money we had to spend, not only the raising price point through the years, but TO LOCATE any figure?
    The BATMAN line began shipping OK (also shipped internationally), the DCSH began with issues (it also shipped), BUT the DCUC was a complete FAIL! Not only it was hard to locate domestically, but it also never shipped to other countries in any real big quantities.
    5.- The Media: WB had some excellent TV shows running at the time, Justice League Animated, Teen Titans GO!, Smallville. AND People appealed to DC COMICS characters somehow. But it wasn´t until Justice League Unlimited aired that the DC dream burst out to come true. Sadly two seasons later the show was cancelled, an evil De-javu for things to come for the DC license? The BATMAN at the movies were at it’s best with an academy award on its bat-belt, The GL movie (which i liked) wasn´t enough for many, and the animated movies are great, But nevertheless a self-contained DC SHOWCASE of things that could be bigger, but are not.

    In conclusion: TODAY what we have is NOTHING!
    the All-Stars, “Signature” (FAIL!, the signature of what?) and DC “Unlimited” line (pun intended with the Unlimited) had Nothing more to offer, No bonuses, No nothing!
    A choking internet EXCLUSIVE SHOPPING CLUB that raised the Price points to a Collector’s level already?
    What about the thrill of the HUNT and why changing the sculpt team AND downsizing the scale of the latest figures (N52 DARKSEID and Injustice figs are CRAP), Did MATTEL changed the contract for the 4H to sculpt ONLY MOTUC?
    Why is BEN AFFLECK cast as BATMAN? WTF ?
    I believe that MATTEL slowly began A PLOT to kill off the BEAUTIFUL WHITE HORSE they had acquired, WHY?
    As Vic Sage once said…That´s the Question.

  • Kid X says:

    Hall of Justice Playset!?

  • Shellhead says:

    Whew. Tell us what you REALLY think! LOL
    As far as a bonus goes . . . I have no idea. Maybe a Ms. Martian to go along with Superboy?

  • CHolmes says:

    Probably something Super Powers. Light blue Superman maybe ? Or maybe a Super Powers colored box set with Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman ? I say this because they have that Super Powers display set up. Whatever it is, it will be easy and cheap for them too do. No new tooling.

  • Vito says:

    umm,,,,did anyone notice the Braniac in Robot form figure in the display case…..was that released in DC Classics? i don’t recall ever seeing the robot form. Can anyone confirm? or is that the “special goodbye gift”?

  • Wakko says:

    The most obvious clue in that case is the reference to the fourth wave of unproduced Super Powers figures. If that’s the clue, then the best bet is a pack-in Mr. Mxy with one of figures being released next year.

  • Ron says:

    Well it is clear that the goodbye gift will be related to the unproduced 4th Super Powers wave, given the display and what looks to be a puzzle piece trading card with the “R” from the logo. However, the “R” does not seem to have significance as the only proposed unproduced figure from either the 4th wave & Power Plus wave would be an unknown character named “Rocketman”- which would be very unlikely to end the line with. So it will likely be a normal-sized character that wouldn’t require new tooling. Frankly, I hope it will be Superman in his classic light blue costume which everyone would want (given the fact that a factory prototype sold on ebay a few months ago for over $200). If they go with an under-sized pack-in character (like Bat-mite), then Mr. Mxyzptlk would be a nice choice. Despite all of the complaints people voiced, I always subscribed, as I saw this line to be the DC equivalent to Marvel Legends and was ended prematurely with too many historic characters left undone. I’m going to miss the line when it ends.

  • Lee in MI says:

    Must be Super Powers related. Likely the Superman repaint. Be nice to get a box set with all the repaints included but Mattel isn’t that creative and they are done wowing DC fans.

  • Rodrigo says:

    I think that is related to “repaint” some, or all, figures in the Super Powers colors. Actually, can be that will come with a scenario “Hall of Justice”, but nothing of new figures with new tools.

  • HelloMegan says:

    Please. Stop with the Super Powers nonsense. The characters already exist in DCUC form. It’s completely unnecessary to release repaints of figures we already have.

    Give up a Miss Martian or just go away, mattel.

  • GaryG says:

    What if it’s a Green Lantern repainted to look like Riddler or a Superman body and Aquaman head to look like El Capitain Ray? Both are “R” related and Super Powers related. Hmmmmm?

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