Toy Packaging
December 7, 2009

Found a fun little item over at Amazon this morning. Despite the title of the blog, it wasn’t a toy. In Amazon’s music download store they have an abundance of music that is free to download. I’m having fun checking that page each day as you never know what you’ll find each morning. Now the song I’m really here to talk about isn’t one of those 25 (at least not yet, there are still 18 songs left) but it is free and I found it linked from one of the other song’s pages. The song is called “Toy Packaging” (as if the blog title didn’t give that away…) by Sara Groves. It’s not too Christmas-y but it’s fun and I’m sure that everyone reading this will recognize a bit of themselves in the main character trying to get her kids’ toys out of all the blisters and twist-ties. When you get through with that download, take a look around the free section. I’ve found some surprisingly “known” music lurking there and discovered several artists that I’ve become a fan of. Hope the song gives you a chuckle like it did me!

Jim Abell
DC collector from the Mego days, specifically Hasbro and Mattel releases. Also Hasbro and Disney Star Wars/Star Tours toys, Masters of the Universe Classics and most anything Four Horsemen related.
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