Toy Story 3 Chunk All Versions Mega-Review *UPDATED*
June 9, 2010

Join me once again for an obsessively in-depth look at one of the gang from Toy Story 3:  Chunk!



When the Toy Story 3 Character teasers hit, I knew this time around there were characters I was going to buy a LOT of.  Twitch was one, and I’ve chronicled my impressions on his various toy versions in my last blog.

 This time I tackle the rocky 2-faced behemoth: Chunk!  Will his toy versions leave you happy or angry?


Let’s find out!

In this review I’ll be looking at:

  • Toy Story 3 Chunk Action Figure by Thinkway Toys — 8”
  • 6" Basic Chunk Action Figure
  • 4" Disney Pixar Collection Adult Collector Chunk
  • 3" Deluxe Figurine Set Chunk (Disney Store)
  • 2" Imaginext Chunk
  • 2" Buddy Pack Good Mood Chunk
  • Lego Chunk Mini Figure

As before let’s start by looking at the CG model and faux toy bio:


Chunk will rock your world! This gargantuan creature sports protective shoulder spikes, while his ferocious fists are ready to smash whatever enemy gets in his way. Chunk’s oversized limbs are fully poseable, making him ready for hours of imaginative fun. As an added bonus, the press of a hidden head spike will spin Chunk’s facial expression from friendly to fierce! No batteries necessary.


Now, unlike Twitch’s, Chunk’s bio is much more achievable for a toy.  In fact, the 8" version has every feature mentioned, and all but the Buddy Pack figure have the spinning face feature!  


First up, the biggest of the bunch:

Toy Story 3 Chunk Action Figure by Thinkway Toys — 8”  and
6" Basic Chunk Action Figure


  Paint and Sculpt Detail:

  • 8" Chunk:  The character has fairly limited painted details, but they are nicely excecuted.
    The eyes are bright and glossy red and blue, the face has nicely airbrushed dark brown and
    mouths are clean black paint ops.  It doesn’t show in photos but the entire figure has a yellowish
    drybrushing on the spikes and most of the body.   The body has soft yet effective rocky
    texturing on all but the  spinning faces.  The back does has numerous noticeable holes for screws.
  • 6" Chunk:  There’s less paint here, but the difference is hardly noticeable.   The eye areas are as
    good as the larger version, we just lose the black mouths and the drybrushing.  He’s also slightly
    more brown and less orange than the bigger guy.

Articulation & Action Feature:

  • 8" Chunk:  He’s got pretty good articulation and mostly meets the "fully poseable" description
    in the bio.   He’s got a total of 11 points: swivel shoulders, bicep swivels, hinged elbows, swivel
    waist, swivel hips, and hinged knees.   No ball joints, but it’s a good balance of playability and
    staying on model.   As promised in the bio, you push one of his shoulder spikes and his face
    changes!  You even get a "rumbling rock sound."  (Basically a rattling.)
  • 6" Chunk:  A lot less here, 6 points:  swivel shoulders, bicep swivels, swivel hips.   But for the
    character it works well enough and gives decent play and poseability.  An interesting not is that
    while the majority of the figure is hard ABS plastic, the forearms are relatively soft roto-cast vinyl.
    The spinning face gimmick works here too, though it’s a spinning panel you have to flip manually.

Overall:   I quite like both these versions.   The 8" is really excellent as it pretty much delivers everything the
bio promises and is just a great big chunky toy!  It’ll run you $30 at the Disney Store and $25 at mass retail.  The 6" version is a lot of fun too, and compared to the the other figures in the series, I feel it offers more play value and fun for your $$$ as he has reasonable articulation and a working central feature.  Currently it’s in a Toys ‘r’ Us Exclusive 2 pack with Twitch, which is a good deal at $15.


Next, we’ll look at the 3" figurine and the 4" figure:

3" Deluxe Figurine Set Chunk (Disney Store) & 4" Disney Pixar Collection Adult Collector Chunk


Paint and Sculpt Detail:

  • 3" Figurine:  Some nice paint work here.  The faces are executed similarly to the 8" figure, with lighter
    airbrushing around the eyes.  He also has some fairly heavy darker brown airbrushing on the lower
    arm and torso areas.
  • 4" Figure:  The faces here are similar to the 6" figure, that is good work on the eye area, no paint in the
    mouths.   The body has yellow drybrushing on the spikes, as well as dark brown paint flecks on the arms
    and lower body.

Articulation & Action Feature:

  • 3" Figurine:  No articulation here, but the spinning face gimmick works via a spinning cylinder.
  • 4" Figure:  Nice level of articulation here, 8 points: swivel shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel hips
    hinged knees.   Unlike 4" Twitch and Buzz, all the articulation here is simple and works well for a
    decent range of poses.  The spinning face gimmick works similarly to the 6" figure’s gimmick, with
    a spinning panel.

Overall:  The Figurine could have easily been a simple static PVC figurine, but the addition of the working
gimmick really adds value and fun.   It’s part of the $20 13 Piece Deluxe Figurine Set at the Disney Store.  The Adult Collector figure is the only one in the series I’ve seen thus far that approaches being a decent small scale replica of the character as well as a fun action figure.   Most mass retailers have it for about $13.

Before we get on to the final group of review, I’d thought I’d share this pic of how the  spinning panel face work
by showing them half rotated:


Bizarre, I know.  But the reason here seems to be that in the smaller figures, if you want the shoulders to have functional articulation, you need to have a flattened spinning  panel instead of a full cylinder like on the 8" figure, so that the mechanisms don’t conflict.   My guess is that the 8" version is big enough to have some sort of system of nested rods or shafts for the arm and face cylinder, while in the smaller versions it would be too complex or delicate to have such a system.


Finally, we look at the little guys!

2" Imaginext ChunkLego Chunk Mini Figure,  2" Buddy Pack Good Mood Chunk 


Paint and Sculpt Detail:

  • Imaginext:  This is easily the crummiest figure of the bunch.  It’s cast in hard plastic with
    embedded brown flecks that gives a nice effect, but what makes it crummy are the faces.  The faces
    are stickers.  And they don’t match the color of the plastic.  And on mine, they were peeling off right
    out of the package.
  • Lego Mini Figure:  This figure on the other hand is quite good!  The neon orange is perhaps a bit too
    bright to be on model, but the sculpt is quite detailed for such a small figure and while the mouths are
    tampo printed, the eye areas are fully sculpted!
  • 2" Buddy Pack Chunk:  Very low on paint here, only the eyes, but the sculpt is quite charming, with
    big oversized fists.

Articulation & Action Feature:

  • Imaginext:  No articulation here, but the spinning face gimmick works via a spinning cylinder.
  • Lego Mini Figure:  Just 2 points here, both arms are on swivel joints, and since the shoulder pins
    plug into the shoulders the face can use a full cylinder instead of a flat panel.
  • 2" Buddy Pack Figure:  Like the Lego figure we only have swivel shoulders.   Sadly this is the ONLY
    version of Chunk that does NOT have the spinning faces!  (Of course there is an upcoming "mean"
    version coming  which appears to be the same figure.  The face even appears to be glued in, so it’s
    just a matter of swapping a part in production.

Overall:  These are at the end of the day only mini figures, so they’re pretty simple.  The Imaginext one may be a
pre-school toy, but the sticker face seems cheap and inappropriate.   Little kids put stuff in their mouths.  I doubt that sticker is drool proof, and the Buddy figure proves that even a dead simple sculpt can convey the look of the character much better than a sticker.   Imaginext Chunk comes in a 3 pack with a non-articulated Lotso and a non-articulated Sparks.   For $6 they’re cheap, but they look cheap so there you go. 


The Lego figure is fun as it’s all original sculpt.  Of course it’s not much use for custom builds as the arms don’t attach
the way typical Lego arms do.  Still, it’s a fun, extremely tiny version of Chunk.   Lego Chunk comes in  Lotso’s Dump Truck  # 7789, which typically runs about $20.  Thus far Chunk and Stretch mini figures are exclusive to this set, and you also get a mini figure of "clean" Lotso with his cane, plus a partial figure of the driver of the Dump Truck, so it’s a pretty good deal as Lego goes, if you’re interested in mini figures.   (For me, they are usually the main appeal of most Lego sets.)

The Buddy figure is really quite cute, but when EVERY other version has the spinning faces, it’s lack of a working gimmick kind of hurts.   (Of course having bought so many versions, there’s no doubt I’ll get the "Bad Mood" version as well, lol.)   The Buddy pack is the standard $8 or so at most mass retailers and so far Chunk is packed with Buzz Lightyear..   


All in all I have to say Chunk fared much better than Twitch did in toy form.  It sort of boils down to what the key appeal of the toy is.  Based on the bios, I’d say Twitch’s appeal is supposed to be that he is a fully articulated and accessorized action figure, which sadly, few of his toy versions achieves with any real success.  Chunk on the other hand is built around one key feature; his spinning face.  And literally all but ONE of his toy incarnations have this feature.

 And like with Twitch, I have to admit that a lot of Chunk’s appeal comes from the clear ties to a classic 1980’s toy line, in this case, Galoob’s Rock Lords.

And it’s the 4" Disney Pixar Collection Adult Collector Chunk that is a perfect fit for Rock Lords.  

Whether it’s with the Good Guys…


Or the Bad Guys…


Or the totally awesome Rock Narlies…!



I hope you enjoyed these in-depth looks at some of the Toy Story gang!   I’d love to do more, but I don’t have anything like a comprehensive collection of Woody or Buzz.   Though I do have 3 versions of Stretch, a bunch of Rocky Gibralter and decent pile of Aliens…      Hmmmm….


‘Til Next Time!



UPDATE:  Almost forgot this one:

The Disney Store small plush, which runs about $9.

And yes, even this one has a spinning face!


UPDATE:    Thanks to eBay we see that there will indeed be a DX 6" Chunk.   And it appears to be different than the basic 2 pack one!


 The seams at the elbows and wrist show that this version is different than the Basic (the elbows look movable, and the wrists on the rotocast arms on the Basic have no seam at the wrist, so the arms are different sculpts).


The cardback indicates that the face spinning action is button activated. 
This could be a pretty nice version of Chunk!


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  • stewbacca says:

    I suggest picking up the lotsos gang pack at TRU for the buddies–

    You get Lotso, Stretch, Twitch , Chunk, Ken and Sparks- not a better value at 24.99 (but 6 actual different characters and not extra woodys or Buzzs.

  • CompyRex says:

    Great review. I love my 6″ Chunk from the Twitch/Chunk two-pack. He’s extremely fun and reminds me a lot of Batman: The Animated Series Clayface toy because of the color, angry face, and rubbery arms.

    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

      Yeah, I think that 2 pack is a good deal for a good pair of figures.

      It’s funny though, how much more fun Chunk is in 6″ format than Twitch! The lack of articulation on Twitch hurts him more than on Chunk, and as I said in the review, the spinning face gimmick adds a lot.

      I’m curious if they will release a “Deluxe” 6″ Chunk at some point, with an actual button operated feature or some other action feature…

  • demoncat says:

    nice looking figure. and thought Chuck would have been a rock lord for he looks like one that never got made. and the rotating face is a interesting feature

  • Spiro Dousias says:

    I’d love to see one on Lotso!

  • Grant Pierce Leister says:

    I dont understand! How can kids let this guy end up daycare? he’s just to cool to put in a yard sale! I love the switching face gimic!
    Anyways, how have you been man? ( P.S This is the boy from botcon 2009)

    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

      Hey Grant!

      How have you been bro! I’ve been crazy busy, sorry we sort of lost touch there!


      • Grant Pierce Leister says:

        Ive been great! went to see toy story 3 last week, I thought it was great!I honestly thought they were gonna scap the toys in the furness! I might as well of said goodbuy to my childhood lol! and ever since they made buzz spanish, I have not been able to look at my buzz lightyear the same way again 🙂 2 days ago I pushed his button, then he said “Buzz Lightyear al rescate!”

        btw you’ll never guess what happend, They used footage of me from botcon on the revenge of the fallen 2-disk bonus featurete! ( wow thats a mouthfull!)

      • Grant Pierce Leister says:

        hey man! hows life treating you?
        btw I dont know how else to contact you other than this way, iM sorry that Im clogging up your comment section:(

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